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A True Bulldog Love Story from Norway (Plus Giveaway!)



Dog owner Kai Halvorsen could not bear the thought of leaving his beloved bulldog Igor at a kennel, while he would go on vacation to Thailand with his family. To surprise Igor, and the rest of the family, he turned the dog’s kennel cage into a true copy of the family's living room.  Now how darn fantastic is this?  Very, I say. 






Igor and family

This is one of the most creative stories I have ever seen, as far as making your dog comfortable while you are away.   You have a wonderful family and friends, Igor. 



GIVEAWAY!  For those wanting to treat themselves or their pets to the comforts of home, I have a $100 Certificate for Skymall to one lucky reader in the USA. It was given to me, but with the heavy import charges to Canada, I'd much rather pass it along to someone residing in the states.   Good luck and happy shopping to the winner! 

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