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My Addiction to Marmots - Getting My Spring Fix


Marmot 3


Many of you know I have a thing for squirrels.  Always have and always will.  (On a side note: The second week in October is always Squirrel Awareness Week, which is a very exciting time for this pet blogger.  Right up there with Christmas and February 15th, which is 1/2 off Valentines Candy Day) 


Imagine my sheer delight when I just recently found out that marmots are in fact large squirrels in the genus Marmota.  Who knew?!  I do now!

Recently I visited our wonderful Allan Brooks Nature Centre where every Spring I stop in to get my marmot fix.  Thoughout the summer I'll certainly see marmots out and about in nature but it's at the nature centre itself that I get the intense critter viewing experience. What all marmot addicts crave. 


Hey lady(They always seem so happy to see me!) 


(Using my state-of-the-art non-existant zoom lense, I capture such stunning detail.  I counted 7 in this shot but there were even more beyond this view.  Heaven.) 



(They love to smile) 


(10 minutes later..... And they like to stand still a lot) 

  Marmot1(I'm running for Mayor next election)


(I know, I know...I am quite the expert on the species) 


You can learn more about marmots here. If you want to learn more about my marmot hommies in particular (the Yellow-bellied marmot) this video will give you the closest to a marmot viewing fix next to being there in person.  (Video by Bruce Mol of



And for those who have never seen this fantastic little video, enjoy.  One of my all-time favorites. 



Here's to the marmots of the world and us humans that openly adore them.  Forget Muskrat Love, Captain and Tennille.  It's Marmot Love for this gal. 





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M. K. Clinton

That is so cool! I laughed at your maramot poop point! haha!


They are cute little guys. I would never want to get my fingers between those little sharp teeth though.

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