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It's National Pet Day! How Are You Celebrating?


Oscar and i selfie


Now here is a day that everyone should be allowed off work.  Transit should be free. Complimentary coffee and donuts (the good kind - not those yucky dried-out powdered ones) should be served at all dog parks.  Free nom noms for ALL pets.  Yes, that would be perfect - A true celebration in the pet-loving community of all things pets.  That's what National Pet Day should be.

Alas - this is probably not going to come to fruition but what can happen is taking the time to celebrate the love for your pet - ALL kinds of pets.  Dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, horses, goats, birds, chinchillas, lizards, fish, hamsters, mice, frogs, chickens..... So many types of creatures that warm our hearts and bring us joy. 

Here are some cool ideas for celebrating this special day.

  • Post a photo of your pet(s) on Facebook, telling the world what your pet means to you.
  • Take a photo of your pet on your cell-phone.  (And add it to the thousands you already have on there) 
  • Treat your pet to a special food item or toy. (or bow-tie)
  • Tell your pet what they mean to you.  (Oscar is a Bichon Frise and thankfully I speak French. For those with Siberian Huskies, I wish you luck) 
  • Draw a picture of your pet(s) and put it on the fridge.  I don't care if you're five or hundred. Fridge art is for all ages. 
  • On Twitter?  Tweet out one of your favorite photos of your pet or take one of the here and now. 
  • Change the words of a popular song and feature the love for your pet. (I sing "Every time I see Your Face" to Oscar but with changed lyrics to "Every time - I see your Snout".  I'll record it someday)
  • Make a gratitude list about being a pet owner. 

Pets(Photo credit: http://www.petsatpeace.ca)

It's a wonderful day to reflect on just what our pets mean to us.  For me, being a dog mom is a very, very important part of my life, something that brings me such great joy and contentment.




Speaking of the love for pets.....

The celebration of pets will be happening in just 27 days at the Annual BlogPaws Conference, which is by far the highlight of my year.  People from all across North America (and this year we have attendees from New Zealand, Australia and Britain!) come to learn and grow - to make lasting relationships and unforgettable memories.  If this sounds like you, I really encourage you to join us.  Last year the conference sold out and we had to turn people away.

  • Pet Bloggers (total beginners to seasoned peeps)
  • Pet lovers, pet product companies and those in animal rescue who are wanting to learn more about social media.  How it can help to raise awareness for your cause, your products and your services
  • Those thinking of writing and promoting a book
  • Want to make money from your blog?  You'll learn how at BlogPaws
  • Pet lovers in general.  This conference is life changing. 


Blogpaws registration
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NOTE:  When registering, be sure to use the code BlogPaws2014-Lisa-10 for 10% off. 


I am starting to get quite giddy knowing the conference is less than a month away.  I am also totally thrilled that I am one of the Finalist in the Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards in the category of Best Humor Blog Category. 

Which means.....Time to get cracking on shopping for a nice dress for the Red Carpet evening!  I wonder if a person can buy a hoop skirt these days? 


Blogpaws dresses


So to all of the pet owners out there, may you truly enjoy this national day of recognizing our pets. I think that calls for donuts, agree?