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Create Your Very Own Online Dog Dance Party!


(Disclosure: As required by the FTC.  This is a sponsored post by Misfits.  Monies were received to help support The Pet Blog Lady mission!)

Glow Park(Boogie at the Glow Park)


Everyone loves silly dogs on the internet. But what if you could put a bunch of them together and make your very own dog dance party?

Create everything from a 15 Dog Hip Hop Party to a 32 Dog Disco PartY!  They’re all ready to make you laugh, and ready to join whatever doggy dance party you wanna make for even more laughs. And it’s all brought to you by MISFITS™, a brand new line of Canadian dog treats that celebrate ‘the funny’ in those silly, furry friends of ours.


Make your own Dog Dance Party or a bunch of parties at Because the only thing funnier than an internet dog is a ton of them together dancing.

Retro Diner Shaking it at the Retro Diner


Street Party Jiving at the Street Party


Treat WorldParty on in Treat World


 What are you waiting for? Create your own dance party!


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But don't stop there, the treats themselves are just as fun. MISFITS™ treats come in equally quirky shapes and flavours. And dogs go nuts for them. They are truly meant to create more silly fun times between you and your best friend. And the brand sums that up nicely in three simple words: FEED THE FUNNY™. Because it’s all their  imperfections – the funny things only they do – that make our dogs who they are. So grab a pack and squeeze in some more fun with your quirky, furry buddy. 

  Misfits collage