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Wordless Wednesday - Spoil Your Pet


Casper at Puerto Vallarta SPCA

(Rex - Now safe and sound and very much loved)


This is a photo of little Rex at the SPCA Puerto Vallarta, where I recently spent time volunteering.  I don't think the word "spoil" is fitting, as for Rex and the others at the sanctuary, they have not even had the basics like medical care, food, adequate water and most importantly love.  Let alone toys, treats and clothes.   But they are very safe now and being taken care of by some of the most loving, giving people I have ever met in my life. 

Please visit them on their website, and their Facebook page, where they highlight recent rescues and feature dogs ready for foster and furever homes.  (NOTE: I'll be doing a full post on the Animal Sanctuary about what they do in the near future).


BdPaws_blue - Copy


(Note: Since I met Rex, he has been renamed and I am unsure at this time what they chose) 






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Aww, he looks so adorable! Happy to know he's got the life he deserves :)

Jordan Walker

I'm happy to hear that Rex and the other dogs at SPCA Puerto Vallarta are safe and sound now. I will let my friends to know about this site. I am sure that they are ready and happy to foster a new pet. I know someone who is also doing Eldad's kindness. She is just an amazing woman.

Kaitie Keifer

Rex looks adorable. I wish I could adopt him but he's too far. I want to say a big thanks to all the people with a loving heart on taking care of homeless dogs especially Rex. You guys worked hard.

Sharon S.

Rex is so sweet. I know Puerto Vallarta has a big homeless pet problem. Thank goodness for the SPCA there and thank goodness this baby is safe.


way to go Rex. I am so happy for you!

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