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The Pet Blog Lady Has Left The Building - But Will Be Back




This is probably the most difficult post I have ever written in my career as a pet blogger.  Not a lot of warm fuzzies, or quick anecdotes or words of great wisdom in this one. 

The reason I am writing this is because I won't be blogging for several weeks - possibly up to seven. I have decided to take care of myself and my life.   And that means entering into a treatment facility for mental health.

Not the most glamorous part of my life to share with my readers, but truthful nevertheless.

I won't have access to a computer while I am there which means I am unable to keep in touch on facebook, twitter or on my blog.   




Some people may think I'm totally crazy for sharing such an incredibly private thing.  But even if it helps just one person out there who is also struggling, then it's worth it.  Plus I owe an explanation for where the heck I went.   

So in the meantime, be kind to yourself; tell people you love them; enjoy the moments that life gives you and find gratitude in daily living. 

Bye for now and BIG HUGS from The Pet Blog Lady. 

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