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Who Let The Bloggers Out? Woof, Woof, Woof! - BlogPaws 2014


Carol and I


Have a good look at this photo.  See any sadness?  Discomfort?  Loneliness?  Boredom?  That's right. Nada. Zippo. Negatory. Because these two peeps are at BlogPaws, the number one Social Media and Pet Blogger conference.  In fact ,the red-hatted blond is moi and the gal next to me is the one and only Carol Bryant, the Marketing Manager and PR Director of BlogPaws.  (and CEO of Fidoseofreality

This incredible conference is the highlight of my year.  A friend was asking me about it at the dog park and I said it is "The best conference in all of the land".  (said with a medievel accent, but of course)  It is a time to recharge my blog, learn what's new in the world of social media and public relations, make new friends and reconnect with old ones.   I've compiled my Top Ten Reasons you should attend BlogPaws. (No special order of importance - I'd list 100 if I could!)   If you're on the fence about attending, this should push you over to the other side.  The BlogPaws side!  The happening side. 



 Top 10 Reasons for Attending BlogPaws 2014

10. There are workshops for all level of bloggers at the conference.  From those who are just learning the word blog, to wiley veterans of the bloggersphere, you can custom fit your conference program to your needs.

9. Prepare to be inspired by leaders in the social media and blogger world.  To be inspired from fellow bloggers.  

8. We get silly.  At least I do. Mind you, that happens at any conference with me. 

7. Class act Keynote Speakers and workshop presenters.  To see the speakers already confirmed, please click here.

6.  Learn how social media can help your organization such as rescue groups and other animal loving causes.  Learn how you can Be The Change for Pets

5. Feel a part of a family of pet lovers.  It's an instant connection.  

4. You get to dress up and walk the red carpet.  Sparkly outfits and cool hats encouraged. 

3. Meet lots of sponsors in the pet industry who are looking for bloggers to connect their products with your readers. 

2. Discover how you can montize your blog. 

1. Be in a conference where they allow pets.... and lots of them.   How darn cool is that?  Very. 


Blogpaws hurry


Last year the conference was sold out and we had to sadly turn people away.  Don't miss out on an event that will change you.   Trust me on that one. 



Receive 10% off with code BlogPaws2014-Lisa-10  

(Applies to the Blogger, Small Business and Sponsored Blogger rates)

See you there!  And don't forget your sparkly dress  Or spiffy tie!




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The Pet Blog Lady

Thanks Caren! Starting to get excited!

Caren Gittleman

absolutely love it! Just shared in the Newbies group!

Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady

I'd he there in a heart beat if I had the funding for it! Looks like it will be tons of fun!!!
((Husky hugz frum da pack))

"Love is being owned by a husky"


Love the picture. It must be amazing!!

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