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The Magic Ferret - A Delightful Short film to Warm Your Heart




It is high time I show my readers a little ferret love and what a wonderful way to do just that with this delightful gem.   The Magic Ferret is a super sweet film that is sure to warm your heart. 

Written by SCOTT & PAULA MERROW and Directed by ALISON PARKER, it stars a very special ferret named FALCOR, playing the role of "Booger". 

"Sam is a six-year-old orphan with a pet ferret named Booger. Sam is as cute as a button, but he just can't seem to find a family who wants him. When the newest prospective parents come to visit, Sam decides to impress them with a few magic tricks. He becomes "The Great Sambini" with Booger as his assistant. When his most amazing trick flops, Sam is deflated but not defeated, and with Booger's help he conjures up a different kind of magic."



(All photos copyright - Tony Lee)



("Booger" ready for his close-up)



To learn more about The Magic Ferret and to order your own DVD copy, please visit their website.   It makes a fantastic addition to a childrens DVD library.  Any age, to be honest - with it's message of love and hope.  (And a no-brainer for ferret lovers) 

For more information, you can email them at [email protected]


Signing(Jason Tremblay, who played the role of Sam, signing copies of The Magic Ferret DVD.  I'm thinking he's probably one of THE sweetest young actors out there!) 





Congratulations on such a great project and to their sponsors who helped make it come to life.