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The Business of Taking Care of a Dog's Business - Giveaway!

 Disclosure: (as required by the FTC) I was given product to try and supplied the items for the giveaway. 

There is a song by Tag Team, "Whoomp There it Is" that you probably may know.  Catchy and apparently popular, as the You Tube video has over 5.5 million views. 

As a dog owner tending to my dog at the park, I will sometimes sing the line to myself... "Poop There it Is".  Not sure why.  Probably because I am a little odd and there is nothing like a little self-amusement in the park while picking up your dog's business.  

Kidding aside, there are products out there that make being a pet parent a lot easier when it comes to doggie doo and wee. 

Here are two cool companies that deal with the business of your dog's business - both INDOOR and OUTDOOR: UGODOG and PoopBuddy.   I welcome you to check out their websites and be sure to enter the GIVEAWAY at the end of my post!



What is UGODOG?

UGODOG is an innovative and environmentally friendly indoor dog potty and house training system. Keep your dog's paws dry and keep your house dry. UGODOG Indoor Dog Potty provides all of the benefits of a dog litter box without the mess.  

THE ONLY indoor dog potty awarded 5 Stars and approved by the American Pet Association.  Wow!

You can learn all about what they do at   and LIKE them on their Facebook Page





What is Poop Buddy?

Poop Buddy is a monthly subscription service where you will never be short of poop bags...ever!  And it's not just nifty themed bags that come to your door.  You'll also receive a surprise to go with it.  I think this idea is absolutely brilliant. I really liked my batch that came in October.

S-poo-ky!  Get it?


It's very simple to get started and it's really affordable.  Hats off to whoever came up with this idea!   

And for new subscribers, you receive 20% OFF when using the code PBL at checkout.  



GIVEAWAY!  Enter to win TWO prizes; a UGODOG (for a small or large dog) and a 1 month delivery of Poop Buddy!   (NOTE:  These companies are seperate and are not affiliated with one another)

There are several ways to enter and a winner will be randomly drawn February 1st.   Good luck. And next time you're in the dog park, I dare you not to be singing "Poop There it Is" to yourself. Let me know if that happens!



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