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Choosing the Purrfect Name for Your Cat or Kitten

Penguin(Penguin, Abigail's 8 month old kitten)

Guest writer:  Abigail Beal


Did you adopt a cat or a kitten? It’s a special moment when you bring home that cuddly bundle of fur who becomes your new buddy. So it is very understandable that you want this kitty to have a purrfect name that suits them to a “T.”

Here are a few tips to help you find a terrific name that will compliment this feline in every way:

Tip #1: Go with your 1st instinct. When you look into their eyes, what name comes to mind? This is actually how I recently named my newly adopted, 8 month old kitten. He’s black and white and has a very sweet and playful purrsonality. I took one look at him and said “Penguin.” While I thought about other names, this is the one I kept coming back to. And it’s the one that really, really seemed to fit him the best!

Tip #2: Think about their cat breed, coat color and size to help prompt some ideas for cat names. This is one of the classic ways to find a cat name, and it works quite well! Take for example the Russian Blue cat, a breed known for being highly intelligent and very social. You could call one of these lovely “Blues” Lizzie (for Liz Smith, the NYC gossip columnist), or call them DaVinci for the multitalented inventor. Or take the blue color of the coat and be inspired to name them after a color of blue, such as Iris or Violet. Or even a “blues” singer! The size of your cat may inspire a cat name as well, especially if it is unique or distinctive.

Tip #3: Get the entire family involved in choosing a cat name. If you are adopting a cat as a family, then encourage each family member to come up with names for the new cat. Discuss the names and why they would be a good choice for the cat. Letting kids think of cat names gets them excited about pet ownership and pet care right from the start.

Tip #4: The saying that “pets are like their owners” often seems to be true. My opinion on this “coincidence” is simply that we select pets who are similar to us, that we find these physical characteristics, body types, facial features and purrsonalities most pleasing – so that’s what we choose. Thus, it makes purrfect, logical sense that you consider some of your own interests and activities for inspiration for a cat name. If one of your favorite sports is yoga, you could name your cat “Namaste.” If you get sushi every week, why not choose the spicy name “Wasabi”?

Tip #5: Make the name distinctive for your cat to hear it. Remember, that you choose a cat’s name also so that it will come when you call it for supper and know what time it is to go to bed. If you have other people or pets’ names that are too similar, this may be a bit confusing for them, especially at first. So if you have a daughter named “Natalie” and a cat named “Naomi” those are very close in syllables and both start with “N.”


Once you get started, it’s easier than you might think! Know that you will soon find a great cat name to fit their purrsonality purrfectly!  



Abigail Beal is a writer and owns the site is a pet parent’s resource for cat names and more. She is the proud pet parent of 2 cats, Penguin and Sammy. Abigail is a lifelong cat lover & pet parent. 


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