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Holiday Realness from Nokia - Including a Canine Christmas!
Celebrate Your Pet at Christmas - Hallmark's Keepsake Ornaments

Tis The Season for Photos with Santa ~ Giveaways Galore Continues!



(Photo credit:  Vancouver Island Pet Expo)


There is a definite feel of Christmas in the air these days.  We all have our traditions at this time of the season.  Like baking shortbread (and eating a lot for quality control purposes), putting up massive amounts of twinkly lights, poking around cool little shops for that perfect gift for a loved one, gathering firewood for the fireplace and sewing homemade treasures for Christmas morning.  The list is long and for some, it never really ends. 

One of my favorite things to do is to take Oscar to see Santa.  Honestly, Oscar is a little hesitant to go every year, as he worries that the whole "naughty list" thing will come up.  He has managed to acquire a few entries in his naughty log for 2013 - like escaping from the yard and pooping on the neighbors front lawn.   Or when he got a hold of a large marshmallow that had fallen on the floor and subsequently hid it deep into the couch after first making it wet and gooey.  And I can't not mention the attempt to nip at the floor cover installer who he thought, was getting a little too close to his toy box.   But thank goodness Santa is all forgiving and it always turns out to be okay in the end.

Like every year, when it's Santa Time, it's Look Good for the Pupparazzi time.  Fortunately we had help from Dogtails and Rrruffler to make sure he was presentable for the big guy.   They are also part of my December Giveaways Galore so your dog too can look mighty spiffy. 




Bathtime is a good time in our house.  He doesn't put up a fuss at all.   He just won't make eye contact. Perhaps it's his way of telling me he'd rather be frolicking in the dog park, but it's that kind of activity that often leads down the bathing trail.  Just part of doggie life. 


Bath collage



Oscar, like many Bichons, tends to have sensitive skin, so the Dogtails shampoo was perfect for him. The fluffy towel was super soft and absorbant and as usual, I always do the "head wrap" with the narration of; "My Grandma..what big teeth you have".   He groans everytime. 



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Once dried off, he was ready for his Tuxedo collar from Rrruffler.  The collar is perfect as Oscar puts up a big fuss when it comes to wearing clothes that go around his belly. 




I asked Susanne of Rrruffler to tell me how she started in this cool business. 

"Pet fashion without the fuss is our motto! We started Rrruffler a little over a year ago to create something fun for dogs to wear that would make them and their owners feel special, not silly. I have 3 25lb rescue dogs, one of which is a little on the chubby side and another has some fear issues and doesn't like to have any clothes put on her. With Rrrufflers they don't even know they're on and they come in 5 sizes so it doesn't matter how big or little your dog is. My husband is also not the type to buy anything that he thinks make our boy dog look ridiculous, so Rrrufflers give our pets just enough flair to make an impact without embarrassing my husband. Our safety Rrruffler came about since we live in a neighborhood without sidewalks and cars tend to drive fast around here, so we wanted our dogs to be visible for nighttime walks.  My background isn't in the pet business so this gives me the opportunity to work on something I love with the furry creatures I love!"


(Brownie, Mitzi and Edie)




So after receiving a wonderful soothing bath with Dogtails shampoo and slipping on his Tuxedo collar from Rrruffler, Sir Fetch-a-lot was ready for Santa.  And he was a star! 


Oscar & santa

 Photo Credit: Red Door Photographic


You can win this great prize package as part of the Giveaways Galore month, happening all of December!  The contest is open to Canada and USA readers (Continental) and the random draw will be made December 24th.




So ends another photo session with Santa and as I said to Oscar, his "Naughty Log" is reset and could remain blank for the year ahead if he so chooses.    I'm thinking however he'll have a few entries. That's okay.   He makes up for it with all the joy that he brings to me.

Good luck in the draw!

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Do you take your pet(s) to see Santa?


Disclosure: (As required by the FTC)  I was given both company's products to try. Thank you to both companies for donating the prizes for the giveaway.