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Petcurean Pet Food ~ A Sound Choice

(Disclosure:  As required by the FTC.  I received pet food vouchers from Petcurean that went to our local Pet Soup Kitchen.  The words and opinions are of my own.) 


Dog park peeps


Part of my daily routine is taking Oscar up to the dog park just a few blocks from our home.  We run into "regulars" and lately, many out-of-town visitors given the holiday season.  We love to talk about our dogs; how they're doing, what they like and don't like, how cute they look in their new winter duds and general dog park chatter. One thing we often talk about, is what's working for our pets, food-wise.

As pet parents, we can all see that the market for pet food is growing bigger and bigger everyday.  More companies, more brands, more selection, and with it, more claims to be the best.  It can become overwhelming when it comes time to make that purchase.  Where do you get the right information? How do you read the labels?  What works for others? 

There is one such pet food company, Petcurean, who can proudly boast they have very, very happy customers.  They have perfected the art of creating pet food that is both inviting to your cat and dog PLUS gives you the health results you want to see in your pet.


For testimonials, click here Savour Every Moment



You can find a helpful Health and Nutrition Guide for both Cats and Dogs, taking the mystery out of why we need to feed our pets the important elements that are crucial for quality living.   They even have a Glossary of Ingredients.  Looks pretty delicious, if you ask me. 



I welcome you to take the time to look into feeding your cat or dog food from Petcurean.   They create an exceptional line of products, along with giving pet parents the knowledge they need to make a sound choice. And happy pet parents and their healthy dogs make for good Dog Park Chatter in your neighborhood. 

Enjoy this wonderful video that was made possible by the caring folks at Petcurean.  Not only do they make fantastic pet food, they're really nice peeps.  


Savour Every Moment from Offerpop on Vimeo.