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Rescuing Frankie - A Little Dog Living in a Storm Pipe


Frankie in trashPhoto credit:  Eldad Hagar


He's hard to see, but there lies Frankie the Chihuahua in a pile of trash.  Where?  In a storm pipe that runs under 12 lanes of traffic in Los Angeles. 




Frankie was recently rescued by Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws with help from his friend Lisa Chiarelli. (Who graciously offered to foster Frankie soon after he was saved).   One thing that people who watch the video are unaware of, is that three days prior to his rescue, there was a torrential downpour.  If not for the elevated pile of garbage in the storm pipe, Frankie would have surely drowned.

Please watch the video and share with friends and family. I also encourage people to think about how many other dogs may be barely surviving in storm pipes such as this.  By being aware of this possibility and reporting a dog living in such harsh surroundings, it just may help to save more dogs like little Frankie. 



Frankie and soccer ball

  Light on Frankie

Scared Frankie

Frankie in Blankie
(Heading to the vet office.  Frankie in a Blankie)


How is Frankie doing now?   Wonderfully, thanks to the veterinary care he received and the love and attention from all those around him.  As I mentioned, Lisa offered to foster Frankie until he finds a forever home.  The Forgotten Dog Foundation works very hard to find suitable homes for dogs like Frankie.  If you live in the Los Angeles area, you are eligible to apply to adopt Frankie. 



Frankie getting better(Frankie had to have some minor surgery, hence the little G.W.C...Get Well Cone)

Look how little he is(Look how little Frankie is compared to Lola)

Frankie and winnie

Frankie frankie and Lola (Frankie, Lisa's dog, Frankie and Lola)

Sunbaths Sunbath 2(Happiness is a sunbath with friends) 

How can YOU help dogs just like Frankie receive a second chance at life?  You can donate to Hope for Paws as even $5 helps when it all adds up.  You can also truly help by sharing the video and spreading the message that abandoned animals can be given a new life.  You can keep in touch with what is happening in the animal rescue world and be part of the community of those who care. 

Follow Hope for Paws on Facebook & Twitter

Follow Eldad Hagar on Facebook, You Tube and Flickr

As you may already know, Frankie received a lot of encouragement and kindness from another recent rescue dog, Miley.  (The video has been viewed over 11,000,000 times in such a short period of time)   Click here to see the video. 


Miley and frankie

(Frankie and Miley - New BFFs)


Please help make a difference to dogs just like Frankie and Miley.  Your compassion is appreciated. 

This is another rescue that Lisa Chiarelli assisted Eldad with.  Of course with another happy ending. Wishing all of my readers and their pets a warm, save and ahppy holiday season.