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Dog Rescued from a Trash Pile - And Does Something Amazing



(Photo credit: Eldad Hagar)


Many of you know I have a huge soft spot for animal rescue, with Hope for Paws being one of my favorite organizations.  Run by Eldad Hagar and Audrey Spilker-Hagar, they're continuously working to rescue abandoned dogs in the Los Angeles area - even outside the state of California. (In fact, Eldad was in Canada, just a few months ago.  Way up north in the Northwest Territories, where he rescued a beautiful dog Loki, who was close to possibly being destroyed by local officials.  Or otherwise facing another brutal winter outside.  You can follow Loki on Facebook).






Which brings me to one of their most recent rescues - A female Husky, literally living in garbage. 

When you look at these photos, you'd think it was from a Third World Country.  Or from a war-torn city far, far away.  But in fact - this incredibly sweet dog named "Miley" is from the Los Angeles area.   Eldad received an urgent call about her and apparently she had been surviving for months in this trash pile. And from the looks of it, I don't think she had many months left in her.  What is revealed in the video is just how tired and sore she was.  She looks close to defeat.  Miley's rescue is certainly heart-warming but what Miley herself does afterwards, is incredible.   NOTE:  Here is the direct link on You Tube




 (She looks so tired.  She's safe now though, with her Lucky Leash on)



(Eldad and Miley on the way to the Veterinary Care Center)  



(Frankie giving Miley kisses - New friends with new lives)


Here's a dog who was shown such love and care and before too long, she was showing that for a fellow dog who needed the support.  I just love that. 

If you're interested in adopting Miley or Frankie, look for the contact info at the end of the video.  And you can help Hope for Paws continue their work in saving dogs like Miley - who are sadly living in horrible conditions and for many, destined to die unless someone comes to their rescue.

Check out the Hope for Paws website for many more videos and happy ending stories.  

Follow Hope for Paws on Twitter and Facebook and Eldad Hagar on Facebook too. 


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Jordan Walker

It's so sad to see any pet that's disregarded by it's owner. It's heartbreaking to see Miley living in the trash pile alone for months. You can see her sufferings in her looks. I know it's hard for her to live alone. I hope Miley and Frankie will find a new home as soon as possible.

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Hi Bev - Eldad will be giving me an update in the next few days with photos too! I'll ask him her age - what was estimated by the vet.

Beverley Bishop

I have two Siberian Huskies and this touched my heart. She is a lucky girl and I know she will appreciate all that is done for her. It is a very intelligent breed and will make someone a wonderful pet. I would love to know the outcome & news of her forever home. How old is she?

Mary Churchill

I pray that they find a living home together!!

Irish Beth Maddock

When Miley and Frankie get adopted, let us know!!! Beautiful story thank you Lisa! Bless Eldad too! :)

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