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Beautiful Bella - A 3 Legged Rescue Dog, Full of Love

Bella upright
Beautiful Bella
Did you know there are three-legged dogs and cats all over the world living full and happy lives? The term that's often used is "Tripawd".  Regardless of their "leg lacking situation", they're able to maneuver themselves along quite well in fact.  They don't know they're missing a leg so they do the best they can with what they have. 
One of my dear friends, Irish, recently adopted a rescue tripawd, named Bella.  I asked her to tell me Bella's story, which I know you'll find heart-warming.  
Bella collage

A couple of months ago we, as a family, decided it was time for us to finally get a dog.  (Ha ha...gave my husband, Paul the two year warning so he could get used to the idea!)
When I spotted the three legged, black lab x Bella on the Pawsitive Match Rescue website, it was love at first sight! I just knew this 7 year old dog's gentle and loving spirit was just what our lonely, five year old daughter needed in a companion.
So...We applied for Bella and Pawsitive Match accepted our application to be a potential owner for Bella - talk about tears of joy! (see bottom to continue)
A week later, Bella was transported all the way from Hay River, NWT to Calgary just for us! Pawsitive Match also brings homeless dogs from much farther however, Mexico and Thailand too, to name a few other places.
When we got Bella, we found out she was rescued out of a home that apparently had 19 cats! This makes her an honorary cat in the eyes of our two kitties, Buster and Dieter.
Tripawd vest bella
(Bella showing off her new supportive harness ordered from
Bella we also understand was hit by a car when she was a puppy.  Her leg had been removed cleanly by a vet somewhere.  Yet, despite losing her leg, someone loved Bella enough to train her.  She knows all her commands and walks well with or without a leash.  (She is beyond adorable when she begs with her one leg up in the air, I tell ya!)  Bella is a real gem.  She absolutely goes crazy when you turn on the hose too!  Also gives our neighborhood jack rabbits a good run for their money.
Bella and eden

A big thanks goes out to Dr. Josee Gerard and her assistant Teena here in Calgary.  Their chiropractic help and tips with Bella have improved her health and mobility immensely! 
Collage christmas

Our little girl loves Bella so much.  We've even had to take her mattress down from her bunk bed and put it on the floor beside Bella's dog bed.  We had to do this as we kept finding our daughter in the mornings sleeping with Bella on her dog bed!  Can't fight city hall there hey?
Eden and bella
 (Our daughter Eden caught sleeping in Bella's bed...AGAIN!)
(Bella wearing her t-shirt:  "Having 4 Paws Is Overrated")
Thank you so much Irish for sharing your joy for your new family member, Bella.  For those who are interested in learning more about life with a three-legged dog, please visit
Special thank you to Pawsitive Match for making this adoption possible.