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10+ Million Video Views - Update on Miley ~ Found in a Trash Pile


Miley being rescued. (Photo credit:  Eldad Hagar)


Miley today.  (Photo credit:  David


Have a look at this adorable face.  So bright and happy.  Vibrant and healthy.    A far, far cry from a month ago, when Miley was rescued from a trash pile by my good friend Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws. If you haven't had the moving experience of seeing the video, you really do need to take a look.  In just one week, it has been viewed over 8.3 million times.  (and the number is growing!)


Please share the video with friends and family  









Eldad saying goodbye to Miley before she went to her foster home. 


The transformation is absolutely astounding.  Breath-taking.  The message behind it all, even more so. That a living creature, discarded and barely surviving, can come alive if given a chance.  Shown care and love. I have seen all of the videos created by Eldad and this one is by far one of the most powerful. And with so many people sharing it, the message of hope can be spread throughout the world.   That is the miracle of it all. 

I invite you to share the video with your friends and family.  My wish is that it will inspire people to take action and help those in need.   To make a life saving difference to creatures of the four and two legged kind.

You can see many more rescue videos on Eldad Hagar's You Tube Channel and see updates on his Facebook page.   Photos are posted regularly on Flickr:  


New hfp logo


Visit their website, Hope for Paws and follow them on Twitter, @hopeforpaws.  Consider making a donation as every dollar counts towards rescueing the Mileys of the world. 

This is another one of my favorite videos.  Rosie and her pups.  It will move you. 



BdPaws_blue - Copy


I'm so happy to see Miley thriving.  And to see the message of hope reaching millions of people. Thank you Eldad and to the people of this world who make a difference. 



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Eloise Bright

Just beautiful, and at this time of year a great reminder of how important it is to value our family members, both furred and non-furry.

It also makes me think of all those poor pets that are abandoned at pounds at this time of year because their owners want to go away over Christmas, and those unwanted gifts that are surrendered because no one checked to see if nanna really wanted a kitten. Very sad.

Good to see some happy endings though, these animals deserve a second chance and a forever home.

Jordan Walker

It's so amazing to see Miley right now. She looks so different and happy at the same time. I'm so glad to know that she is now going to have a new home. I hope her other friend chihuahua will find a new home as well. There are still great people out there that will do everything to save any kind of pet. I hope you will be loved by your new family, Miley.

M. K. Clinton

I am so happy to see the transformation the loving care made in Miley. Her initial video was so heartbreaking. What a wonderful story just in time for Christmas. Thank you for sharing!

barby tolentino

Beautiful photos of Miley and I am elated to see these! I'm so happy to see an outstanding transformation of her. Thank you for sharing these and I commend all of the efforts with what you guys are doing! It's definitely inspiring and it shows a better side of humanity that should not be taken for granted.Cheers to you all!!! Thank you! From a dog lover....Dog Bless you!


Glogirly and Katie

This is the most amazing rescue story of 2013.
I'm finding it just a little hard to see my computer screen through my tears.
Thank you Lisa, for sharing this story and thank you Eldad for the lives you've saved.
Bless you.

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