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I stumbled upon this fantastic KICKSTARTER project and just had to share it with my readers.  I am so not a mechanical or tech-savy person, which makes me very appreciative of those who are.  They're the smart ones who can make product ideas like this come alive.   And I can be the one that helps spread the word. 

Imagine being able to feed your pet a treat while you area away from home!  To have audio and visual contact with your fur-kid.  And to have updated photos of them come to your device throughout the day.  Now that's super-dooper darn cool.  (A very technical term a pet blogger uses when excited about a pet lovers product.)  Take a look!  



I asked Misko Dzamba, the inventor of PetBot to tell me what it's all about. 

PetBot evolved out of the common worry that owners have over the welfare of their pet while away from home. Our product is a unique technology that allows you to interact with your pet while at work, in meetings, making overtime, commuting, or having an after-work drink. PetBot is built with the individual pet in mind: it comes with two custom-fit treat dispensers, tailored to the treats your pet enjoys. You can summon your furry friend to PetBot with live two-way audio, as well as pre-recorded audio clips, in order for them to enjoy their treats. As well, our product is equipped with a remote-controlled live webcam, which comes with advanced image recognition software so that you can be selectively notified with a picture when your pet is near. All the pictures are downloaded into a PetLife gallery for you to browse photos taken over the years.

We want everyone to have a PetBot, and for it to be the best device for interacting with your pets. As a result, our product is also freely available to anyone willing to make it for their own personal use. Everything, including the detailed hardware designs, software source code, assembly instructions, and 3D printing schematics will be available to anyone. This way, we hope to encourage an open-source development community for what we believe to be the best product currently available for remote pet-human relations. After all, there is nothing more powerful than the connection a pet has with their owner, and we want to help you connect with yours.  (I agree!) 

You can get in on the project and order one, with delivery estimated for December.  PLEDGE HERE




Such cool features!

PetBot contains a multitude of features allowing as deep an interaction as possible while away from your pet.

  • Remote-controlled live webcam - PetBot’s camera can be moved only up or down, by phone app, or computer via website (http://your pet’s name here.mypetbot.com).
Ella shown on the PetBot remote view. Connect using iOS, Android or any other web connected device.Ella shown on the PetBot remote view. Connect using iOS, Android or any other web connected device.


  • Advanced image recognition software – PetBot detects and selectively sends you notifications when your pet is near.
Selectively enable to receive picture updates of your pet throughout the day!Selectively enable to receive picture updates of your pet throughout the day!


  • Dual custom-fit treat dispensers - Give your pet the treats they love.


The large treat (left) and small treat (right) cartridges. Custom 3d-printed to fit your treats!The large treat (left) and small treat (right) cartridges. Custom 3d-printed to fit your treats!


  • PetLife gallery - Browse photos of your pet taken by PetBot over the years.

Congratulations (and thank-you) Misko for inventing the PetBot. It will bring smiles and joy to so many pet owners and tasty treats to many, many pet tummies.  







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