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Treat Me Right - Where Your Money Goes to the Dogs

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Guest contributor:  Kristen Southard
Treat Me Right started in November 2012 with a vision of creating an unbreakable bond between the generosity of people and rescued animals who will pay it forward with unconditional love.  We work with non-profit animal welfare organizations all across the U.S. to educate people about their cause and to help raise funding support. We offer uniquely decorated, healthy, human-grade, gourmet dog treats as well as a few other fun items on our website,; all of which generate a donation to their current partner charity (partner changes every two weeks and our featured treat does also) to help rescue dogs that are sick, injured, in danger of being euthanized, being kept in puppy mills, abandoned, homeless or for any other reason where they don't have a loving and forever home. (see bottom to continue)
Dallas with fancy fin
Dallas is a rescue dog from Animal Relief Fund - Aruba.
Harley nmdr
Harley is one of the National Mill Dog Rescue dogs who is an ambassador for no more puppy mills, he has a large 31,000+ fan Facebook following.
Noah with treat
Noah was rescued by Hearts United for Animals. He was the victim of a severe abuse / neglect case and was on the brink of death being held outside in the dead of winter at an animal shelter that didn't have appropriate facilities while the criminal case was pending with his owner.
Ruby with plate of treats
Ruby is a Treat Me Right taste tester employee who occasionally makes an appearance on our FB page promoting the groups we're working with. This particular picture is with a plate full of Flight Bites when we were supporting Pilot N Paws.
Thank you so much Kristen for letting me know what Treat Me Right is about and thank you everyone for making a difference to so many dogs that benefit from your generosity. 
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