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Many of you know I have a real soft spot for artists who have a passion for animals.  Painters, photographers, fabric artists, illustrators....  There are so many different forms of art that capture the animals in our world and delight the people who love them.   And the art of making jewelry is one of these wondrous art forms.  



This is Merry Rosenfield, the artist behind The Magic Zoo.  Merry handcrafts jewelry of all kinds for animal lovers, all over the world.   When describing what she does, you can feel her enthusiasm. 

"I am passionate about making animal jewelry that my customers love to wear! Since 1989, I’ve listened to my fans, and worked to create wearable art that represents their most beloved pets and favorite animals.

Are you a dog lover? I have over 40 different breeds, and I’m constantly adding to this collection. How about Kitties? Yes, I’m constantly thinking of new designs and poses to add.

Since I’ve been fascinated with all animals since childhood, my collection includes critters from Africa, Australia, North America and your backyard. My dream day would include creating new animal designs from early morning until I couldn’t keep my eyes open at night."



 Some of my favorites.    Can you spot the ferret?



 Who can resist a cat or dog wearing a Santa Hat.  


Ss-manatee-pendant_4I am really impressed with their line of Pet Memorial pieces.  She has even created one for rabbit lovers. 


Merry also creates these adorable name tags for Veterinarians and Vet Techs.  I can also see these being worn by pet groomers too.  There is an incredibly wide selection to choose from, making the name tag custom designed to reflect your passion and personality. 


The Magic Zoo has jewelry pieces for every ones taste.  Their welcoming website is laid out perfectly for exploring what they offer.  I really like that if you have a preference for sterling silver, bronze, gold, enamel or pewter, you can peruse the items within those categories.


Frogjewelry_1 (1)


Having raised 35 froggies this summer from the little tadpole stage, I have to admit I am drawn to the frog jewely.  I miss my frog babies.  Loved being a frog mommie. 

Treat yourself or a loved one to jewelry from The Magic Zoo.  A memorable gift indeed.



Disclosure: (as required by the FTC)  I was given a complimentary piece of jewelry from Magic Zoo. The words and opinions expressed here are my own. 



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Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

THat is so sweet! She really does lovely work. Proud to have the company my blog.

Jordan Walker

My girlfriend loves to collect accessories that has an animals on it since she finds it very cute. She has a lot of collections now that she just keep it in a box and occasionally use it. I'm going to give her one of these in our anniversary next month and I'm sure that she will love it. I'm so glad that I found this post since it gave me an idea on what gift should I give to her.

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