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Stunning Images of Animals and More - Photo Captures by Jeffery


Rainbow Lorikeet Being A Lovely Model Profile View


Isn't this an absolutely stunning image?  I am always in awe of people who have the gift for photography. Knowing how to make the best use of light, to creatively compose a shot and most importantly, to capture the essence and personality of their subject.

 One such photographer is Jeffery Johnson of Photo Captures by Jeffery.   I asked Jeffery a few questions about his work and his passion and I wanted to share them with my readers.



Cougars Staring Out Into The Distance From Their Perch

When did you get your start as photographer?

I was always going around creating photo captures when I was growing up. I have always tried to find ways to be creative and two years ago got back into creating photo captures. Our pets, Tiny our Chihuahua and Kity Cat our cat, were my models for awhile until finally they told me they had enough of being models.

What grabs your attention?
I grew up out in the country and on a farm, that we rented a house on, so animals have always been a part of my life. The love of animals and the beauty that I discover in Nature and the little things in our world that sometimes is overlooked in our rush to get from point A to point B.

Is there a specific thing that you're drawn to?
I don't have just one specific thing that I am drawn to but to most anything that is around me. I get out to our local parks, green-ways and nature reserves as one never knows what animals will allow their presences to be known. I also visit our local zoo where I commune with the animals and other guests.


Caribbean Flamingo S Curved Neck With Head Down

Kitty Cat On Back of Chair
Tomato Art Fest Little Doggy King Of The Road


You can discover more about Jeffery and his wonderful photography by visiting his site at

You can also find him on:


His photos would definitely make for a very thoughtful and impressive gift.   We truly need gifts that have meaning these days.  Too much "junk" for sale - ending up in garage sales.  Beautiful photos can last a lifetime. 


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  Tomato Art Fest Doggy Profiling


Thank you Jeffery for sharing your story and your work.  I love to see people doing what they love to do. And very well at it too.