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Pet Portraits in Watercolour, Metal and Pastel by 3 B.C. artists.

Xena and Dax at the Ken Forde Park
Guest writer:  Dax 
Hi, my name is Dax and I’m a 3-year-old Golden Retriever. Me and my big sister – well, she’s not really my sister, she’s almost 10 and comes from a completely different line of Golden Retrievers then me, but we call each other sisters cause we both live with the same humans.  Anyway, I digress.  When we’re not playing, my big sis Xena and I look after for our humans.  Xena is the spokesdog and I’m the paw-prentice.
A couple of months ago I got my first solo gig. I get to write blogs every three days for The Dog Spot and I’m having so much fun doing it cause I get to check out so many different dog products, dog stories, dog art, dog everything. Mom said that since I like doing the blog so much, maybe I might want to do some guest posts and I jumped at the idea. The Pet Blog Lady said I could write one for her so that’s what I’m doing here. I decided to write about 3 fur-rific artists in Campbell River that do pet portraits – Evelyn M, Caren Heine and Ablaze Metal Art. Evelyn does watercolour, Caren does pastel and Ablaze does metalwork and they are all tail thumping paw-some. Here’s a short tail on each of them.


Evelyn M

Evelyn M has been doing watercolour portraits of pets ever since she lived in Vancouver and her neighbour asked her to paint her cat. That led to another portrait, which led to another and so on, aside from dogs she has done lots of cat portraits and human portraits too. The really cool thing about Evelyn is she’s my human Mom, I’m so proud of her, I think her watercolours are really good. She says that what makes it really special for her is when people start to tear up when they get their paintings, that’s when she knows she nailed it. Mom – I mean Evelyn – works in two sizes. 20”x30” and 15”x20” and she does her paintings on watercolour board. She’s got lots of examples on her website and its well worth checking out.

Evelyn M watercolour pet portraits

Ablaze Metal Art

These super paw-some metal silhouettes of pooches are (from left to right); Proud One in a rainbow finish, Cuddles in a Lt. Rainbow finish and Hot Dog in a Lt Rainbow finish. There are 18 different standard pooch silhouettes but Ablaze will also do custom orders. Ablaze Metal Art is the home business of husband and wife team Walter and Sandra Moses and they do everything from designing the pieces to cutting and finishing them.

Ablaze Metal Art pet portraits


Caren Heine

I first met Caren Heine at the CRSPCA Paws for a Cause and she had all these pictures at her booth of pastel pooch portraits. Caren said she started doing Pastel Portraits about 3 years ago and she does them on 12x”x16” velour, which gives the portraits a really soft effect. Pictured here from left to right is Daisy, Baxter and Kano. Caren has created 3 commissioned designs for the Canadian Mint - which is not pet related but really cool. I like Caren, she gave me and Xena lots of hugs!
  Caren Heine Pet portraits
Thank you so much Dax for writing for my blog today.  I know that Golden Retrievers are very smart dogs indeed and you have certainly proven that! 
I like to draw too - especially pictures of my dog Oscar.   Here he is at Camp Canine, enjoying just a few of his favorite camp activities.
Oscar drawings