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Protecting our planet and meeting current environmental challenges with sustainable solutions can go a long way toward creating a better future for our world and all native species.

International pet product manufacturer and distributer R.C. Hagen Inc, believes in responsible pet ownership, as well as in safeguarding the environment.


Introducing New Living World Green for Small Animals


Hagen’s new Living World Green line for small animals reflects their commitment to minimizing their impact on the environment while providing a full range of natural, high quality and innovative products dedicated to your small pet.

Living World Green Eco-Habitat_65001 

Nature inspired Living World Green Eco Habitat brings the best of our natural world to your pet’s world. Made from old recycled rubberwood trees destined for destruction, Hagen’s innovative small animal habitats and wooden cage accessories create an authentic environment, as if made by Mother Nature herself.  These natural looking cages are suitable for hamsters, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs and rabbits.  The eco-friendly range of wooden small animal cage accessories includes hay feeders, water bottle stands, running disk and interactive smart toys!


Living World Green Hay Feeder


Superior Nutrition

The new Living World Green line of healthy foods and enrichment food items (snacks & salads) contain wholesome and natural ingredients, including their most recent innovation CelluPlus™. Manufactured at the Hagen Industries plant in Montreal, Quebec Canada, their extruded foods include local, Canadian-grown ingredients to ensure quality and freshness. Each food formula is made specifically to suit the unique dietary requirements and life stages of your small pet.

Living World Green Small ANimal Foods

But What exactly is CelluPlus™ and why is it so important?

CelluPlus is Living World Green’s unique cellulose formula that supports small animals’ overall well-being, including healthy and strong teeth, a healthy digestive system and the prevention of hairballs. Living World Green is the only brand that focuses on plant-derived cellulose as a significant ingredient in its line of consumables. Cellulose is an insoluble long strain fibre which is essential to the digestive process in small animals. Proper amounts of cellulose ensure easy transport of nutrients throughout the body, favors optimal gut motility and digestibility. These properties also help to prevent gut stasis - a life threatening condition that is often complicated by hairball impaction. A diet that is low in appropriate types of fiber and too high in rich carbohydrates can lead to a sluggish intestine and cecum and subsequent serious disease.

Living World Green CelluPlus Logo_fullPalatable extruded food counters selective eating and helps tooth hygiene -every pellet contains a nutritious blend of high quality, digestible and palatable ingredients.  The Living World Green extruded diets contain a rich blend of freshly harvested Timothy hays and grasses from Canada to ensure that small pets get a rich blend of wholesome hays in every bite. The pellets also have an abrasive texture and elongated shape that help promote healthy tooth development.

However, even more noteworthy is what the Living World Green small animal foods do not contain:

  • No Sugar’s nor molasses
  • No Gluten
  • No corn
  • No Grain (except the hamster, mouse gerbil formula)
  • No preservatives
  • No alfalfa

 The below diagrams summarize the key features and nutrients in their line of extruded foods.

Living World Green Food Piecharts

Looking for a healthy snack alternative for your small animal?

Try Living World Green quality enrichment foods, salads and snacks with healthy benefits and no sugar, colorants or preservatives.

Far superior than common snacks, their complementary foods contain CelluPlus and are an excellent complementary food for hamsters, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, degus, rats, chinchillas and rabbits.

  • The Snacks have an extra-hard texture for healthy tooth abrasion and can be placed in your pet’s habitat or stacked on a Living World Green snack stand for convenience.  

Living World Green Snack Stand-small

  • The Salads are a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, flowers and hays. Try mixing the salads into a bowl to satisfy your small pet’s natural foraging instinct.

Living World Green Salad_pkg

  • The Treat Sticks are a nutritious blend of cereals, fruits, vegetables and seed and fit inside the Living World Green eco-water bottle and treat stand.

Living World Green Water Bottle Treat Stand_65031

These delectable snacks, salads and treat sticks are available in a variety of delicious flavours and sizes to suit your small pet’s needs.


There are many more items available in the Living World Green line, to learn more visit their website.  

View and subscribe to the Living World Green playlist for customer reviews of their products.



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Living World Green is currently available for sale in Canada, UK, France and Germany.


Disclosure:  (as required by the FTC)  This post is sponsored by Living World Green and I have been compensated for posting the above information.