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Life With Pets Magazine Launches Digital Issue

LWP mag front cover
Guest contributor:  Angie Brooks

Life With Pets magazine launched on October 1st and is a magazine for animal lovers to share their love of pets, with a focus on pet welfare, responsible ownership & promoting rescue charities. Here's a link to our website:

This new and exciting publication is created by a small team of animal lovers who are passionate about living with pets.

I have always loved animals and it has always been a dream of mine to create a magazine for pet lovers, where they can share their pet stories and photos and interact with other pet people. So many people have multi-pet households and unless they have a money tree in their back garden, they can’t afford to be buying two or three different magazines each month – so I thought I would combine all pets into one magazine for everyone to enjoy at an affordable price!
Nellie reading LWP magazine
(Nellie reading Life With Pets)

The magazine has a friendly and chatty style with a focus on pet welfare and responsible ownership, with some of the UK’s top pet experts working on our ‘Pet Problems’ pages.

I am overwhelmed by the amazing response we have had, it has been brilliant! Before we even launched we had over 1390 Twitter followers and over 800 Facebook likes. We have had orders from all over the world including the US & Canada! Ricky Gervais RT our tweet (and website link) to over 5 million followers on Twitter too!!
LWP digital offer
I'm so excited that yesterday I won a Jacqueline Gold #WOW award on Twitter, and she branded our magazine 'fantastic!' and shared it with her huge Twitter following.

We recently launched our digital issue - enabling readers from across the sea to avoid heavy postage fees and to allow people to read it on the go - on their tablets, mobile phones, laptops and PCs!

I feel very passionately about adopting from rescue centres as they are overflowing with amazing animals who are looking for their forever home. Hundreds of shelters all across the UK are overflowing with fantastic pets and I want to make it my mission to educate and raise awareness that these animals make brilliant pets. In most cases they are not damaged, bad behaved or aggressive, they are just in need of love and a good home.
LWP mag - winter offer

Thousands of pets are taken to centres every year through no fault of their own (their owners may not be able to afford them, may have become ill or moving house… etc the list goes on). For this reason, we do not feature breeders or breed profiles in the magazine and instead we list rescue centres and pets looking for a new home in our ‘Rescue Hut’. That being said, we do welcome responsible breeders and pedigree pets to the magazine and we love to hear their stories too! Without responsible breeders and responsible breeding we would have no pets at all and we fully support those who are committed to the animals and breed for the health and not for profit – there are a lot of responsible breeders out there and if you’re looking for one then we always recommend the Kennel Club as a great place to start.

No pet is too big or small to be mentioned in the magazine, with regular attention on dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, hamsters, mice, rats, chinchillas, gerbils, domestic birds, horses, fish and exotics, and more.
Adopt - LWP magazine

We have a small but passionate team based in North Wales working on the magazine and we can't wait to hear what people think of it!
Congratulations on your success!!   Readers can follow them on Twitter at @LifewithPetsMag and on FacebookLifewithPetsMagazine