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A Vested Interest in Chicken Safety


Chicken_hi_vis_jacket_yellow_twin(Photo credit:  Omlet)


My friend Jo passed on this interesting development in the world.....Safety vests for chickens!  I have often worried about the safety of chickens as they cross the road and finally someone is doing something about it!  About time, I say. 




(Photo credit: Omlet


There is a company in the UK that specializes in chicken raising supplies, from funky coops to anti-pecking and healing ointments.  If you're in the market to be a chicken mommy or daddy, you need to check out Or even just out of pure curiosity.  I myself have a soft spot for chickens. And couldn't resist. 



I am probably a bit of a hypocrite as I worry about the safety of these birds but I also like roast chicken with pecans.   However, I know in my heart, if I was to raise chickens, they'd be highly visible when out roaming the streets or meeting up with friends at the Chicken Park.   And for special occasions, I'd have them sporting this look.   The sophisticated English professor look.  

Tweed_chicken_jacket_black_white(Photo credit: Omlet)


And for sure they would be living in style like shown below.  (Just look at these happy chicken parents!) 



(Photo credit:  Omlet)


Last year I was a frog mommie, raising my 35 babies from the tiny tadpole stage.   Now I owe it to myself to look up the chicken raising regulations here in Vernon and perhaps take on a new role come Spring.  I promise I wouldn't eat them.  Would more likely take them for walks and dress them up.   Just saying. 

Be sure to have a gander at their website.  I bet you'll get the "itchin to raise chicken" thoughts that I have now.  

NOTE:  Now shipping to the USA!