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World’s First Pet Friendly Home to Break Ground In Canada


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The Pet Friendly House™ project will be the first home to be constructed, designed, and decorated from the ground up with the ultimate needs and comforts of both pets and humans., a website dedicated to providing a wealth of advice on pets and décor, food; living  and family relationships, announced the spring ground-breaking of the world’s first pet friendly home designed, constructed and decorated with the wants, needs and comfort for pets and humans alike.  

David Beart, founder of, was inspired to create the Pet Friendly House™ project when looking at the challenges homeowners and pets face living in harmony in their homes. “With over 64% of all homes living with pets, it makes a lot of sense to help homeowners understand how they can improve their homes with their pets in mind, creating a more fun and compatible pet friendly environment, while protecting their investment, at the same time,” shared Beart.

“It’s an amazing idea,” said Rodney Miles, a professional writer, pet owner and contributor to the Pet Friendly House™ project . “My wife, daughter and I have a Saint Bernard, two Pekingese, indoor and outdoor cats, and an untold number of leopard geckos in my daughter’s room.  I only wish the home was available everywhere and sooner!”  

The goal,” said Mr. Beart, “is to create a mid-price range home which is uncommonly beautiful, yet unusually durable and easy to maintain not only for pet-owning families but for the broader public as well.”   



The home will be built for a family of four with a dog, cat, bird and aquarium, using the most innovative products and services that are commonly available on the market. The home will be the ultimate in pet-friendliness, durability, energy-efficiency and extreme comfort for humans and pets, and include:  

  • Low VAC paints
  • Durable laminate floors 
  • Energy-efficient furnaces Air filtration to reduce dander and allergens 
  • The coolest and latest pet products available on the market, and 
  • The ultimate dedicated play room for dog and human play time.  


Additionally, the project will be fully interactive. Visitors to including  builders, suppliers, designers and of course all types of pet lovers, will be able to discuss, share and vote on the home features and décor, win contests from suppliers, submit their own ideas, and comment on new announcements and information. “We want this to be an interactive, entertaining, and educational project for all those interested,” added Beart. “Individuals will be able to vote on everything from paint colors to flooring choices, landscaping to the design of the doggie playroom, and everything in between.”  

Completion of the home is targeted for completion in the fall of 2014. Once complete, the home will be open for public tours and media events, as 12 river-filthy dogs will be let loose inside the home, demonstrating the floors, walls and furnishings can withstand the onslaught, creating the ultimate durability test perfectly suited for television.  



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About The Professors House provides a wealth of advice on family; relationships; food; living; pets and décor, as well as an open forum for life-improvement through tips; strategies; discussions and advice provided by both professionals and laymen, all in a very casual atmosphere.  is the creator of The Pet Friendly House™ project, a  2,200 square-foot, mid-price range, ultimate pet friendly home in the community of Evanston in Calgary AB, Canada, breaking ground in the spring of 2014. For more information feel free to contact David Beart, Founder, The Professors House via email at [email protected] or via phone at 403-554-9634.