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Life is Good in My Local Doggie Parks - Vernon, B.C.




One thing I really like about living where I live is that I'm close to two wonderful doggie parks.   No need to drive there, as they're both in walking distance.    That little white dot is Oscar, slowly making his way around behind me.  (Note the distinctive Bichon Frise features)  He has definitely slowed down over the years but we never miss our daily walk.  It's good for both of us. For the head and the heart.

The one we go to mainly is called the DND Doggie Park, DND standing for Department of National Defence.  Now, we have never come across any covert operations taking place here. Not even sure why the signs are there, to be honest.  But it makes Oscar feel like he's a spy and that's okay with me. 



The park even comes with a handy Poo-Zone chart!




PicMonkey Collagetrees


There is a pine tree at the edge of the park that I have decorated three years in a row at Christmas time.  I buy a couple of really large boxes of good doggie biscuits and tie them with ribbon, covering the tree in red and silver.  I know the peeps and their pups appreciate it and it gives me the warm fuzzies. (but cold hands!)

This park is quite scruffy compared to the other one we frequent, The Mission Hill Doggie Park. So much so that we refer to the DND one as "The Ghetto".   Don't get me wrong.  The Ghetto is nice.  Just not lush and pristine as the other one.   You be the judge.

Mission collage


Our "walkie" is a welcomed daily ritual and I am so very blessed to have these two places to go to, just down the street from my house.   And we pass this thing every time, which sits on the lawn of a local church.  I'm assuming it's for televised sermons but Oscar tells me something otherwise. 


Satellite dish


Thank you to the peeps at for asking me to describe my local doggie parks. Vernon is a fantastic place to live and only a few hours drive to Vancouver.  I am one very lucky pet blogger indeed.