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It's finally here! Squirrel Awareness Week!


PicMonkey Collagesquirrel


I admit.  I am excited.  Squirrel Awareness Week kicks off today and runs until Sunday, October 13th. I have always loved squirrels - as long back as I can remember.  I spent summers as a kid at Longbow Lake, Ontario and it was Squirrel Central there, with what seemed liked dozens and dozens living on our property.  They'd spend their days jumping tree to tree, gathering their forest nuts and hiding them in secret places, chasing each other and of course, "chattering" at us and our various family dogs.


Party all week!

So all this week, I will be including interesting squirrel facts, photos and videos.   I know there are a lot of squirrel fans out there.   Don't be shy.  Be proud.


The Famous Squirrel of Banff


Now HOW do I know that it's Squirrel Awareness Week, you might ask.  Well......  Thankfully I was informed of this important annual event through a cool new book, Pet Fashion Almanac 2014, written by Lauren L. Darr and Ellen Zucker.   I had been given a sneak peek of the book prior to it's release and was even invited to send in a comment.   Seeing my words in the book was pretty darn special, I must say.  




The book is perfect for my work as a professional pet blogger.  I can keep informed of upcoming events and drool over the various expos and conference listings.  (Someday, when I have the Pet Blog Lady RV up and going, I'll be able to do a cross Canada and USA road trip to all of these incredible gatherings) The book also has:

  • Pet Holidays- by week, month, and date! 
  • Pet Media / Publications 
  • Pet Trade Shows & Conferences 
  • Pet Organizations 
  • Fashion Weeks 
  • Astrology 2014 - Overview & By Month


You can order your copy here and as a bonus for purchasing the book, you can choose another book (Media Outlook Book, 30 Days of Marketing Tips, OR The Three Little Pugs Coloring Book)....for FREE!  



So please stay tuned this week for all things Squirrel!  And be sure to enter my Giveaway for your own set of Squirrel Earbuds.... All the fashion rage in Milan.  Okay - maybe not.  But still, pretty darn cool. 

ENTER HERE (or below) 






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Squirrels are so adorable! We have dark grey ones with big fat white bellies and have really fluffy tails that love to chase each other around the ponderosa pine trees here! I wish they were friendly though! I have yet to meet a friendly squirrel at all!

Furbuddy Boutique

My mom loves squirrels as well!! I love the ear buds. lol
Great post!

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

The fact that I love bees and I like knees, makes it pretty darn special that you call me the Bees Knees. Big hugs back atcha!

Aimee @4TheLoveofAnimals

Oh how we love those squirrely squirrels! We used to have a cute little guy that stole our walnuts (we happily let him).

Carol Bryant

Okay I think you are the bees knees, Lisa Taron, and simply stated, rock. I love the book you mentioned and I ordered a copy, too. Lauren seems so very nice and I cannot believe I did not meet her...yet. She plans to be at the next BlogPaws Conference, yay.

What a nutty and fun giveaway!

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