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Fall Giveaway - Three Months of Petcurean Pet Food ($180 value)


The colors of Fall have been absolutely gorgeous here in my neck of the woods, The Okanagan Valley.   Being in nature this time of the year is so inspiring for me, with the smell of dried leaves and the feel of a cozy scarf around my neck.   I have always been "outdoorsy", getting outside whenever the opportunity comes up.  Nature is good for the soul.

A company that really respects nature and is totally committed to giving your pets the very best in nutrition is Petcurean.   They're a Canadian family-owned business, helping pet parents provide the very best in pet food since 1999.   I've asked them to describe the heart of their business and it's obvious they are very passionate doing what they do. 

"Right from the start, we've made Petcurean pet foods with the same love and care that we put into preparing dinner for our own families; we're epicureans. It's what we do. We think about food, and become inspired. We find ourselves creating recipes with passion and purpose, recipes that nobody has thought of making. When it comes to ingredients, only the best of the best will do. Our trusted network of farmers, ranchers and producers provide us with a consistent source of healthy, premium quality market-fresh meats, veggies, fruits and berries. We cook with creativity, energy and an overarching love for our cats and dogs. Then, with the Petcurean seal of approval, our food goes out to be enjoyed by pets the world over."


As master epicureans, they have a variety of recipes for both cat and dog - and for specific needs, such as puppy, seniors, large and small breeds, Immunity boosters and more.    The recipes are "custom fitted" to your dogs needs, ensuring they receive the proper elements for optimum health. 

Exciting news!

Petcurean is giving away three months of pet food (either dog or cat).    That's a $180 value! The winner will receive 2 x 12 pound vouchers from the Petcurean office and 1 from myself.  (I was given vouchers as a blogger and would love to share!)  With the FREE vouchers, you'll be able to choose what product is best matched to your pet. 

The winner will be randomly drawn on November 15th, 2013.  The giveaway is open to residents of the USA and Canada.

Good luck!  Be sure to check out the Petcurean website, as they have a wonderful section on Dog Health and Nutrition and Cat Health and Nutrition.  You can follow them on Twitter and on Facebook

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On a side note, when I was at Global Pet Expo last year in Orlando, Florida, I tweeted out to the vendors that I was seeking donations for our local Pet Food Bank Fundraiser.  I tweeted that message out several times throughout the 3-day event and Petcurean was the only one that responded.  Says a lot about this company indeed.  You can read about it here


Disclosure:  (as required by The Federal Trade Commission)   I was compensated by Petcurean for this sponsored post with vouchers for their pet food which I used for our local Pet Soup Kitchen.  A donation was also made to The Bill Foundation on my behalf.