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EZ Daisy Collar - A Kickstarter Project Worth Supporting



EZ Daisy Collar - A fun, and stylish retractable leash built right into the collar!

Two Young Entrepreneurs from San Diego eliminate the need for a “normal” leash.


The story of the EZ Daisy Collar originated when Bryan (Co-Founder) became a full-fledged stay at home puppy father for his girlfriend’s dog Winston. Turns out, keeping track of little Winston’s leash was harder than it seemed. Let’s just say when Winston was ready for his daily walk… well, he wasn’t the most patient of pups. Whether that was before his daily walk, out and about on errands, or out at the park, always needing to carry a leash for Winston was too much of a hassle. 

So Bryan Hawkins began conversing with his long time college buddy Ben Umber. Their entrepreneurial spirit’s uplifted as they began to think of ways they could solve this problem.


Ez Daisy_2

Ben and Bryan spent the past six months creating and testing various prototypes that combined a leash and a collar into a single tangible product. “We wanted to find the perfect blend between style and functionality” says Ben Umber. “Something that not only looked good on your pet, but would also eliminate the need for a traditional leash”, said Bryan. “We’ve created a product that is simple, affordable, and very practical,” claim the two San Diegan entrepreneurs.

“After 6 months of prototyping we have managed to turn our idea on paper into fully functioning prototypes”, says Bryan Hawkins. The two have now turned to Kickstarter to raise the $25,000 needed to bring this convenience to other pet lovers.


Ez Daisy_3

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing” funding model. So if the EZ Daisy Collar project doesn’t reach it’s goal at the end of 30 days, then it might be years before they can share this product with others.  (NOTE:  Let's help make it happen by supporting this project!) 



To follow their project, be sure to find them on Twitter (@EzDaisyCollars) and check out their current Kickstarter project at


Each EZ Daisy Collar contains 6 ft. of leash inside the stylish charm. A built-in quick release button is used to quickly disengage the leash, and also serves as a locking mechanism to ensure maximum control. Each Kickstarter backer will get to select their style and size if the project is funded.



Founder Background Information:

Ben is an entrepreneur, innovator, dog lover, and world explorer. He is a lifelong member of the SDSU Lavin Entrepreneur program. It was there where built valuable connections with business advisors and mentors across the globe. He is responsible for all manufacturing and material sourcing as well as trademark registration and legal affairs. Bryan also attended San Diego state and now works on the product marketing team for Red Bull in Los Angeles. He has extensive experience in CPG product development across multiple industries. He is responsible for all marketing and design.


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Many of my readers know how much I love the entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to wonderful products such as the EZ Daisy Collar.    It makes me very happy to be able to spread the word and help peeps find success in their endeavors.   Good luck Ben and Bryan!  I know in my heart these adorable and functional collars will be a huge hit!


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