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Wordless Wednesday - My Dog is So Accommodating


Oscar wearing miss bunny


Oscar 016

My dog Oscar is pretty darn accommodating when it comes to me sticking things on his head.....toys, glasses, tiaras, party hats.   That's Miss Bunny on his head in these photos.  Kind of makes him look like a barrister from the English courts.  He does not however like having any clothes on (sweaters, costumes, neckties...) and will show his displeasure by running and hiding.    

When I am sent a clothing item to review, the game of Chase Oscar Around The House begins.  He told me it's because he has a reputation as a tough guy, being head of the Cat Patrol Union, Local 555 and all. Plus he prefers to go around in the buff.


What are the chances he's going to happily wear the Bumble Bee costume that recently arrived.  Pretty darn slim I'd say.





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The Stately Hound

Hahaha... I really had to look closely, I thought that was 100% Oscar! :)

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