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Wordless Wednesday - Frank, My Invinsible Employee


Frank my co worker


This here is Frank, one of my employees at The Pet Blog Lady office.  (Yes, my office is painted pink. I figured how can one have a bad day in a pink office.)  Frank often shows up late, can be rude when he's hungover, makes inappropriate comments to other employees and has been written up twice for sexual harassment.

Unfortunately I can't fire his scaly #ss since he threatens to put a hex on my ability to catch fish while out in my belly boat.

So Frank stays and I put up with him.  One good thing is he likes to be dressed up for various occasions. Holidays, season change, new fish fashion trends.... And I take full advantage of that. He hasn't decided what he wants to go as for Halloween yet.  Last year it was a rabbit.  Pretty lame, Frank. 

Now if I can only get him to stop heckling me while I'm on the phone with my fishing buddies.  Yells out that "we're all going to Hell".  But says that he'd be okay if we nabbed his brother-in-law who owes him 20 bucks. 




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I think with proper training and socialization, Frank can learn a few tricks.

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Thanks Lida! I have a cast of characters in the office. More to be introduced. :)

Lida (Olivia's Human)

lol I enjoyed reading that! :)

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