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September 2013

Caravan for a Cat - A Kind-hearted Tale

One of my blog readers, Sam, alerted me to this story which totally peaked my interest. What a sweet, thoughtful and creative gesture from the people of Bailey, producer of caravans in the UK. (Which we call campers in the USA & Canada) Article from Cosford Caravans An unnamed stray... Read more →

BioBubble Giveaway - My Tadpoles Grew Up!

(Just some of the kids names) Back in early June, I embarked on the rewarding journey of raising 35 tadpoles, which I obtained from a local pond here in the North Okanagan. Over the weeks I saw them miraculously change - evolving into the cute little frogs they were meant... Read more →

The ASPCA Dog Care Course - For a Happier and Healthier Dog

Photo credit: Do you want to learn early warning signs about your dog’s health, or how to properly groom your dog? Wonder what vaccinations are required and how best to manage a budget for pet expenses? If so, then this dog course is certainly right for you. Houlton Institute... Read more →

Celebrating Animals in the Afterlife

Guest contributor: Maureen Harmonay We all wonder where our animals go when they die. In our grief at their passing, we pull out old photographs and clutch at snips of their hair, desperate to prove that they existed, that our relationship with them was real. But deep inside there remains... Read more →