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Have Your Pets Star in Your Christmas Cards



Think you are the only pet owner that gets professional portraits done of their pets? Think again! According to Petcentric, 27 percent of American pet owners get their pets’ pictures taken by a professional photographer. One great way to share your love of your pets, and the photos you take of them, is by featuring them in your Christmas cards.

Go to a Pet Store Photographer

Your pet could pose with Santa, with your children or by themselves. Professional photographers often work with your local pet shop to hold special pet photography days. They bring a variety of props, backgrounds and costumes so all you need to bring is your pet. Since these sessions are done in public places, make sure your pet is used to people and being touched by strangers. Sessions are often under $30, with copies of photos extra.

Go to Professional Photographer

Some professional photographers will come to you and they’ll bring with them all of the equipment and props that they’ll need. There are many professional photographers who specialize in pets — even hard to photograph pets such black pets. Check out the Pet Photographers of America for contact information. The time to book a session is now, before the holiday rush sets in. Not only will you get great Christmas cards, but portraits that are frame-worthy keepsakes of your special friend. Sessions greatly vary in price, but tend to be less than $50.

Taking Your Own Photos

Are you a shutterbug? With a little patience and the right background, make your pet a supermodel by taking your own holiday photographs. Choose a background color that complements your pet’s color. This works really well with small animals like guinea pigs that instinctively freeze when faced with a new situation. Avoid elaborate costumes that the pet could eat, trip over or choke on. A little scarf or hat is more than enough. After all, you want to show off your pet, not the pet costume.

Photoshopping Pet Pictures

Is your pet camera shy? Don’t worry. Your pet can still feature in your Christmas cards with a little help from an image altering computer program like Photoshop or mobile apps like Photoshop4U. This is especially good for pets that physically cannot go to a professional photographer, such as fish, large reptiles or very small nocturnal rodents like dwarf hamsters. Get a good quality photo of the pet and then draw or add holiday-themed designs like Santa hats, angel wings, snowflakes or a Rudolph-red nose and antlers. You'd be surprised at how much easy editing you can do to christmas photo cards at


Dog with santa


Even though it's only Sept 30th, it's okay to think about what you're going to do for holiday cards, to avoid rushing at the last minute.   

Do you include your pet in your family Christmas Card or Christmas letter?


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Cathy Weselby

That's husband and I were just talking about this very subject today!

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