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Caravan for a Cat - A Kind-hearted Tale

One of my blog readers, Sam, alerted me to this story which totally peaked my interest.  What a sweet, thoughtful and creative gesture from the people of Bailey, producer of caravans in the UK.  (Which we call campers in the USA & Canada)


Caravan Kitty 1
Article from Cosford Caravans


An unnamed stray Staffordshire (UK) cat is now sleeping in style, thanks to the amazing kindness of the staff at a motor-home and caravan dealership. FIVE years ago the moggy wandered into the compound of Cosford Caravans and made herself at home. The kind-hearted staff took to her at once and started to feed the tortoiseshell intruder on a daily basis.

Nick Howard, the managing director of caravan producer Bailey, enquired about the cat and asked where it slept. Staff explained to him that he spent his days on the site sleeping on chairs in the showroom and mooching around the caravans. The pampered cat was however, put out at the end of each working day.

Mervyn Hughes, owner of Cosford Caravans takes up the story. “Two weeks later, much to our amazement a miniature Bailey Orion caravan arrived at our Newport Road site, purpose-built by the Bailey engineers in Bristol, especially for our cat. In my 28 years here at Cosford, I have never seen anything quite like it. It turned up with a message saying 'something for the cat to sleep in at night in comfort.”


Caravan Kitty 2
  Caravan Kitty 3



Thank you Sam for letting me know about this story.  And of course, THANK YOU to the peeps of Cosford Caravans for taking care of your feline visitor and at Bailey of Bristol for making this much loved cat such a warm and cozy home. 


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Jobi and Fisher

How adorable! They could probably sell a ton of them once the word gets around.

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