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Trax GPS Tracker - Locate your pet in real-time


It’s estimated that 15% of dog and cat owners lose their pets in the US. At Trax we believe even one lost pet is too many.

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The idea for Trax started to develop after I personally experienced the fear of my Jack Russell terriers running away. Not knowing if they were okay or near a road was unsettling to say the least. After driving around for hours, I was fortunate to find them unharmed, but those hours seemed like days. 



We’re a small group of entrepreneurs at Trax that want to help make life a little easier for pet owners by giving them the ability to keep track of their loved ones. We want to reduce the number of missing dog and cat signs. There are plenty of everyday situations where people experience a feeling of panic because they turn away for a second only to realize their pet has run off. Many times the fear is unnecessary because it’s just a pet being curious, but we as pet owners know in the moment that these situations are very scary.



By simply attaching Trax to your pet’s collar, you’re giving yourself and your pet freedom. You can use our intuitive app to set up geofences and receive alerts if your pet gets too close to the edge or goes outside of your pre-set area. The Trax App also provides information about where your pet has been and sends alerts if the battery level is low or the tracker has exceeded a certain speed. The device does not harm your animal in any way or get in the way of play.


Trax enables you to be proactive in finding your pet and allows you to track them in real-time. By utilizing all global satellite systems, the position of Trax is sent to your smartphone or computer. You can also use augmented reality to see the position of your pet, how far away they are and which direction you should move to find them.


We’ve had a lot of fun building this product and look forward to growing the Trax family. If you have a story about a situation where Trax would have helped you, questions or ideas about Trax, we’d love to hear from you!   Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter, or send us a note at



Mikael Karlsson  - Co-founder, Trax 



Special Offer! Readers of the Pet Blog Lady Blog will receive an additional US$20 off the pre-order price of Trax by entering code PBL20 on the Trax web shop. Discount is valid on pre-orders made before August 31st. Trax will ship worldwide in October 2013. To learn more about Trax and the team, watch our Kickstarter video.




About Trax

Trax is developed by WTS, a Stockholm-based startup founded by Mikael Karlsson, Tobias Stenberg, and Fredrik Danelius. WTS is committed to improving the lives of people by providing products and services with a high customer value that are reliable, fun, intuitive and smart. WTS seeks to revolutionize location-based services through smart technology and innovative design.

For more information visit

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Jack Z. Lucas

Great idea for pets but you know plenty of people will be using it to track other people.

Today's technology is as useful as it is time consuming.

I am happy for the TRAX people and love the Kickstarter site.


Evelyn M

Great idea, I'm going to share your post on this on the Facebook page on Thursday of this week!

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