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Long Weekend with my Frog Babies


Frognursery - Copy


My, oh my.....Where have the weeks gone?  It was back in June that I decided to become a frog mom, scooping out 34 tadpoles from a pond up at The Outback Resort.   (Much easier than being in labor, I imagine.  Not that I have any experience in that department, as I have no children.  At least none that I know of.  But it was that day those little critters became my responsibility.  I made the commitment and did not take it lightly)  Now here it is, August 5th, and many have fully evolved and are slowly coming into their own.  So, so proud.   Just seems like yesterday my "tadlers" were swimming around looking like cute little sperm.  Awwwwww. 



You can read the original post here on Raising Tadpoles Successfully from a wonderful guest contributor, Laurence Wensley.   This inspired me to become a Tadpole to Frog Mom, which is actually something I did as a little girl during the summer months at Longbow Lake.   Loved to watch creatures grow with the help from my loving Dad. 





PicMonkey Collage Frogs 2013

  Frog3 and 1

Frogfather - 3 uses
Frog butt


As their Mommy, I can't help but hear some of the chatter around the air-pump tube and The FrogFather. Overall they are pretty friendly and civil to one another.  The odd tiff and exchange of words has happened though.  Some of them include:


  • "Ken!!!  Get your friggin' tail out of my face!" 
  • "I'm more evolved than you.  Na, na, na, na".
  • "You are totally hogging the shrimp brine, lard-ass".


I assume this is typical with any young kids in a family...friends one moment, enemies the next.   At the end of the day though, they are one big happy family.  A few kinds of frogs reside in the nursery - teaching them the importance of diversity and acceptance. 


(Morning check-in)


Frog and fly - Copy

Stay tuned for more updates as I continue my role as Frog Mommy.  I will be releasing all but 3 of them, either back to their homeland of The Outback or to some new digs at Polson Park.   Just waiting for them to get a little bigger.     For sure I'll suffer from the "Empty Marsh" syndrome, but I will know in my heart I have done a good job.    Now if I can only get Richard to cut out the froggy f-bombs.  He has issues. 





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Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Waiting for them to start making noise. Their first words.....rather, croaks.....sigh. So proud. :)

Carol Bryant

Whew I looked to be sure Dexter was there - they look ribbtastic!


Your frog babies are cute. I used to catch tadpoles and frogs in the marsh as a kid but never grew one into the other.

Carma Poodale

I love your post. They are always so entertaining. Now I am going outside and say hello to mr. Handsome our frog in the pond.

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