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GIVEAWAY! Premium Dog Treats from The KONG Company

Congratulations to the 3 winners!  Thank you to all who entered!


Amy B.

Hailee C

Leslye B. 


Flat oscar kong


My dog Oscar has a limited vocabulary.  Simple words that he seemingly understands and perks his head up for.  (He is a Bichon Frise so perhaps he only understands French.  And even though I am a Canadian, I only know how to say "He shoots, he scores" from watching hockey on the french channel. Oh - and a couple of naughty words.  That's the extent of my bilingualism). 

 The words he does respond to are:

  • Walkies
  • Swimmies
  • Go Sleepies
  • Go see what Dad's got.....   and his all time favorite word.......
  • TREAT!


The wonderful peeps from the KONG Company recently sent Oscar some of their Premium Treats.  The empty bags in the photo above are hard evidence that they were consumed - and enjoyably so.   




I have to be honest that Oscar doesn't exactly have a refined palette.  Far from it.   He'll eat acorns, carpet fiber, my orange ear plugs (which I subsequently throw away, in case you're wondering), chalk, sticks, moths, grass and even cat poop (one of his favorite delicacies).  But he does not hesitate for a milli-second to accept a KONG Treat and will have it chewed and swallowed in the speed equal to a shoot-out at the Old Corral.  Now having had three delicious kinds of treats sent to him, he is now constantly hounding me to call the peeps at the KONG Company to get more sent.  Almost on a emergency level.    I see the desperation in his eyes.   He'd dial 911 if he could.  Since he tends to invert his numbers, 119 sadly gets him nowhere. 




Does your dog understand the word treat?  Would you like to win some wonderful KONG Premium Treats for your dog?   Be sure to enter below. 

I am giving away 3 KONG Treat Packages (3 kinds of treats) to 3 lucky winners.   A random draw will be made August 17th.




I better go.  Oscar is hovering around the phone again wanting to call the KONG office.  They don't realize just what they have started.    

Good luck everyone!!







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Kelly Ann T.

Artie and Kouga both know the words Puppy Treat. They come running when you say it.


There are a few words that get my Jack Russell's ears to really perk up: walk, park, outside, and TREAT!


Oh, my guys DEFINITELY know the word "treat"!! That and "hungry" gets them going for sure haha

Amy B

Yes, my dogs know the word treat!!! We have to spell around them. They now even know that "W" means "Walk". :)


My dogs know many words, their favorite being "treat"

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