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Five Good Reasons to Make a Donation to the RSPCA




Guest Contributor: Kira Browdy, on behalf of RSPCA


There can be little doubt that the UK economy is still in significant strife and has been since 2008. As people fear for their job security and whether they will be able to pay the bills, fewer people feel able to donate cash to charities. Yet charities like the RSPCA still need donations to keep running and to finance improvements to the care and help that they offer. You don’t even need to make a financial donation: project funding can be financed through donations of used clothes, toys, books, CDs – anything that you don’t use anymore that could be sold to raise funds for a charity. Most charities, including the RSPCA, run local charity shops which accept donations of unwanted items that can be sold to people who might not be able to afford to shop elsewhere: the income produced is vital to the charity.

Here are five good reasons why you should make a donation (of any kind) to the RSPCA.  


(Photo credit:  RSPCA)


You can fund a project you really believe to be important.

RSPCA Choices is an initiative driven by the charity to persuade people to get involved in project funding: anyone can go onto the site, browse the various projects in need of support and decide which one you want to support. You then set up a fundraising page and ask for help in raising money for their chosen project, perhaps by sponsoring them or attending a fundraising event.


You can make a real difference to an animal.

Whether you choose to support the RSPCA as a whole, or donate to or raise funds for a particular project, your money will improve the life of the animals in the care of the RSPCA by: providing food and veterinary care for animals in the shelters; funding enforcement proceedings against animal abusers and rescuing animals from abusive or neglectful environments.



It teaches your children the value of charity.

Children are by nature caring individuals and are naturally drawn to wanting to love and care for animals. Understanding that some animals need the help of people and that this help is organised through charities like the RSPCA then they can see how they can make a difference.


(Photo credit:  PetsNewsandViews)


Without charities like the RSPCA the UK would be a different place.

You may have visited other countries on holiday where the care of abandoned animals is non-existent. Cats and dogs roam the streets begging for food and are regarded as nuisances by many locals. As is the case there, there is no government funding in the UK for the care of abused, abandoned or neglected animals and those animals are entirely reliant on charitable support to survive.


Collage for RSPCA
Help run the RSPCA Cruelty Line

Safe House for Pets

Rehome a Dog

Help Hedgehogs Survive


You get a real appreciation of the cost of the work carried out by the RSPCA.

Take a look at some of the target amounts set by the RSPCA for some of their projects on RSPCA Choices and you will soon understand how much money is really needed to provide all the care needed. Finally, you can gift aid your donation so that the RSPCA gets income tax relief, which really helps their income levels.




Thank you Kira for the information and helping me to spread the word about RSPCA Choices and all of the incredible work that is going on.  Together we CAN make a difference.  I encourage my readers to check out the website and to follow the RSPCA Facebook and Twitter page. 




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