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More and more pet lovers are tapping into their creative side by using safe, pet-friendly dyes, chalk and glitter on their pets.  One company that offers the tools to do so and who is very passionate about pets, is OPAWZ.  OPAWZ is a Canada based company specializing in the manufacture, distribution and retail of professional pet care products.   Not only do they produce top-notch products, they also show you how best to use them on your beloved companion through the OPAWZ Blog


Pet color


I understand that coloring ones pets fur is not for everyone.  I wrote a post last year about Extreme Grooming and it certainly opened up a debate on the subject.  But for those who are wanting to venture into this new form of pet fashion, OPAWZ definitely has the SAFE quality products to do so.  



I like their slogan:  "We love our pets and never stop talking about them!" 


Chile at blogpaws eldad hagar photographer
"Chile" at Blogpaws 2013.  Photo credit:  Eldad Hagar (Hope for Paws)



Glitter gel result

 As mentioned, OPAWZ offers helpful instructions on how to use the products properly and effectively.  These are worth checking out.  


Opawz collage


So think about connecting with your inner artist and having some fun with OPAWZ.    I'd love to see your pet's new look!




Disclosure:  (As required by the FTC) This post is a paid Sponsored Post by OPAWZ.  







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Hi Lisa,

I did receive what I consider to be an unsatisfactory reply. A company located outside of the United States that does not have to comply with US safety standards informed me I would have to purchase their product before they will provide me with a list of ingredients that are being advertised as safe/non-toxic. Unfortunately my grooming business practice works the opposite, I check product ingredients for safety first before applying any chemical; shampoo/conditioner/finishing spray and especially color to a pet. I would think they would provide the information to a Certified Groomer who showed interest. Perhaps to get me on board with using and promoting their product, but that was not the case at all.

Please let me know if you have better success. The person that emailed me let me know I would not be receiving a reply.

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Hi Michelle -

I contacted OPAWZ and they do remember you contacting them and were awaiting your reply. They give the MDS sheets out to their distributors, but not to individual customers. Looking into them sending me one.


I noticed this is a PAID review. I sent an email to OPawz for more information on the "safe ingredients". Funny, they will not provide them. Nor will they provide a Material Data Safety Sheet for my records as required by OSHA to keep in my salon. Don't believe their HYPE.

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

It looks like the glitter and chalk shows up well. Maybe not the dye. I'd probably contact the company directly. Really nice peeps!


I wonder how well the color red would show up on black dogs?

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