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(Photo credit:  Kelly Andre of TurtleBug Photography)


I was recently contacted by Kristin Ludwig, the proud caregiver to "Nubs", a one-legged bird born into the home of a bird hoarder.  The story is so touching and what she and others are doing to make a difference to birds is so commendable.  I just had to share with my readers the press release announcing their new non profit organization, No Unwanted BirdS.  Be sure to check out the various links.     Thank you Kristin for all that you do!


Announcing the formation of No Unwanted BirdS (NUBS), a newly-formed non-profit organization with a new approach to animal welfare education and charitable fundraising. 


Click here to see the Story of Nubs (Fox News - Chicago)


In the fall of 2012, over 500 birds (mostly parakeets) were found in an Aurora, Illinois home where they had been allowed to repeatedly breed in unsafe and dirty conditions over a period of 5 years (the owner of the birds will go to trial early September, 2013). 150 birds were found dead in the home, but 368 birds were moved to an emergency shelter. The birds brought to the shelter were inbred, malnourished, and covered in mold. Local volunteers worked tirelessly to clean, feed, and provide medical care for the birds. Most of the birds were taken to live at Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City, Indiana, with the exception of birds that were too sick, injured, or handicapped.  One such bird was a severely inbred, one-legged parakeet named Nubs, who was adopted by Kristin Ludwig, one of the volunteer workers. 



(Photo credit:  Kelly Andre of TurtleBug Photography)


Participating in the rescue inspired Ms. Ludwig, a biologist who has multiple certified therapy animals, to form No Unwanted BirdS (NUBS).  The mission of the organization is to educate and raise funds for bird-welfare causes, however NUBS does this in a unique way:  the creation of products, which are then used to raise revenue for a specific cause.  NUBS’ first product is a children’s book that tells the story of the Aurora rescue, “Nubs: A Little Bird with a Big Story”.  Revenue from the sales of the book will pay for an aviary upgrade of the rescued birds at the Washington Park ZooThe book is available for sale now.  This business model represents a new way to fund animal welfare projects, and the next generation of products, and the causes they will support, are under development. “By offering a beautiful, unique product in return for a donation to a worthy animal cause, we can provide donors with a permanent reminder of the impact they are having on the lives of the birds they are supporting”, says Ludwig “We have an exiting pipeline of worthy causes and terrific products that we think our fans are going to love.”




(The book costs $12.95 plus shipping, and purchasing details can be found here.  Proceeds from the sales of the Nubs book will go to the NUBS organization and to the Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City, Indiana, which generously adopted all of the rescued birds... except for sweet little Nubs)



Also special is the way NUBS goes about educating existing and potential bird owners.  “Think of us as Sesame Street for bird owners”, says Ludwig, “We educate without pointing out that we are educating, and add in loads of fun.”  The NUBS Facebook page has a loyal fan following, and is known for being fun and quirky, while offering practical insight on bird care.  NUBS recently launched its own You Tube channel, and have just launched a website.

To add to their educational outreach, No Unwanted BirdS also formed “the NUBS Squad”, an all-volunteer troupe of bird owners who visit in the Chicagoland with their birds, to show people who may not have had exposure to birds how fun and smart birds are.  Most recently, the troupe visited a local children’s home.


 (Photo credit:  Kelly Andre of TurtleBug Photography)

“The experience these birds went through was horrific,” says Ludwig, “my adopted birds from that home have had multiple bacterial infections and pneumonia, and have missing extremities and heart disease because they were so inbred.  But we can’t let the sad aspects ruin our focus.  There are so many birds who need help, and that is what we are here for.”



About No Unwanted BirdS (NUBS) Headquartered in Grayslake, IL, No Unwanted BirdS is a newly-formed charitable non-profit organization, inspired by and named for the bird who started it all.  The mission of NUBS is to educate current and potential bird owners on how to responsibly care for their birds, and to raise funds for organizations caring for at-risk, abandoned, sick, or weak birds.  NUBS uses a unique method of “educating by example”, and has developed a loyal following of fans on the Nubs Facebook page, as well as the You Tube channel aNUBS is currently under a fiscal sponsor agreement with BENNU Legal Services, a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, while awaiting their own filing. 










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What a Wonderful story about a little Bird that has captured my heart and his people who are just amazing.

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