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Tadpole Mother to 35 Future Frogs


Tadpole babies


A few weeks ago I had an article on Raising Tadpoles.   It really brought me back to my childhood days at the summer cottage and I felt I wanted to relive those days.   So now I have a tadpole nursery all set up and it brings me joy.   Funny how that works. 




They can happily live on algae but I do treat them every couple of days to this funky snack.   Frozen Blood Worms.  Chalked full of vitamins and flavor.  Deeeeelishious.  And Gluten free!


I am working with BioBubble as the taddies get older.  And we'll be having a cool contest to name two frogs that I will be keeping and chillin' out with.  The rest will go back to the Motherland at The Outback.   So please stay tuned!