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Tadpole Mother to 35 Future Frogs


Tadpole babies


A few weeks ago I had an article on Raising Tadpoles.   It really brought me back to my childhood days at the summer cottage and I felt I wanted to relive those days.   So now I have a tadpole nursery all set up and it brings me joy.   Funny how that works. 




They can happily live on algae but I do treat them every couple of days to this funky snack.   Frozen Blood Worms.  Chalked full of vitamins and flavor.  Deeeeelishious.  And Gluten free!


I am working with BioBubble as the taddies get older.  And we'll be having a cool contest to name two frogs that I will be keeping and chillin' out with.  The rest will go back to the Motherland at The Outback.   So please stay tuned! 




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Jodi, Kolchak & Felix

I love those BioBubbles! Thinking about getting one myself! Maybe not for little froggers, but for SOMETHING!

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

I haven't set it up as it just arrived last night. Learning more about them and will pass on the info/ Looks really cool!!

Got the tadples from a locap pond. Really like watching them grow

Candy @ how to find a man

Do you own a biobubble and are they ok?

I have a traditional tank and it's fine but I'd like to try the bio bubble for fish.

In ur picture there is one with the nemo fish, it's salt water. And another for butterflies. Can that bubble be outfitted with all the salt water machinery?

How did u get the tadpoles in the first place?
I'd like to try it, but the petshop only sells frogs.

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