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July 2013

Pet Products Galore! - SuperZoo 2013

I made it!! I am here in the wondrous yet wacky world of Las Vegas for SuperZoo 2013. I'm so thrilled to get the chance to discover what's new in the pet industry, meet fantastic pet-loving peeps and have quality time to visit with fellow pet bloggers. Another HUGE bonus... Read more →

Fix Your Kitten Early to Avoid the "Oops"

Guest contributor: Kit Jenkins Kittens are early bloomers. They play hard, learn fast, and sleep like fuzzy rocks. You’ve seen them go from sound asleep to a full-out zoom in a matter of seconds? They can also go from babyhood to parenthood in a matter of months ... five months,... Read more →

Why Does My Dog Roll in Stinky Stuff

Photo Credit: http://lessonsfromlayla.wordpress.com Photo Credit: www.dogforums.com Many of you who are dog owners know what I am talking about when I mention "rolling in stinky stuff". I always joke that Oscar does it for the laaaadies but wonder really WHY, WHY, WHY. Cow poop, horse poop, cat poop, dead little... Read more →

Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Dogs

Guest Contributor - Julie Buzby, DVM, CVA, CAVCA It was love at first sight. And I’m not talking about my husband of 13 years. I’m talking about little rubber cylinders that slide onto dog’s toenails to give senior and special needs dogs traction on slippery floors. As a doctor of... Read more →