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Do Magnets Stick to Armour? Cool Stuff from Build-A-Sign


Magnet on car


Recently the nice peeps at BuildASign contacted me, offering some free product in exchange for a review.   I had been looking to get some Pet Blog Lady signage for my car and to have a few promo items to give away at SuperZoo.  So the timing was perfect!  Had lots of items to choose from but it came down to a toss-up between the bumper stickers and the bumper magnets.  


Magnets in a row

Bumper magnets won out.   Aren't they nice?  I'm really happy with how they turned out.   Their design system is very smooth and user-friendly. You can use a template or design your masterpiece from scratch.  I used my amazing logo from the one and only Creative Goddess, Debbie Glovatsky of GloGirly Designs.   In fact she should have those initials.   Debbie Glovatsky, C.G.

The range of products BuildASign offers is quite impressive.  Banners, signs of all kinds, license plates, decals....   You can search for templates by various categories, which is helpful.  I like websites like this that are easy to navigate and with no confusion.  Especially considering I have the attention span of a newt.


PBL magnet

Thanks to BuildASign, I now have some colorful signage on my car and some cool bumper magnets to give away at SuperZoo.  That's next week; July 23 - 25 in Las Vegas.  Really excited about attending this huge event and discovering what's new in the pet industry.  Be sure to follow my adventures all next week.  I'm also proud and grateful for my wonderful sponsors. 


2013 sponsors

To promote myself and my blog at SuperZoo, I guess I could take the bumper magnets and plaster them all over my suit of armour.  But with temperatures predicted to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit next week, best to leave the old metal attire in the closet.   Plus it could use some spot welding. 


Pet blog lady in armour

 Thank you BuildASign for the great bumper magnets!  


(Speaking of armour....Just had to share this gem) 






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Great looking magnets, love the color scheme!

Glogirly and Katie

Absolutely LOVE the armor.

Thanks for the plug!

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