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A Four-Legged Pet Bowl - Practical and Decorative


The pet bowl


Many of you know I have a super mushy soft spot for pet-loving entrepreneurs just starting out. The ambition and creativity in the pet industry never ceases to amaze me.

Like Dylan Kendall.   Dylan is a ceramist and a home accessories designer. She's designed dog and cat bowls perched on 4 little paws. The only thing, is, she needs to successfully fund them on Kickstarter.

You can pre order your pet bowls through Kickstarter at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dylankendall/four-pawed-pet-bowls 

If the goal is reached, the pet bowls can start manufacturing right away!

They love Hope For Paws! Eldad brings some of his pups to the same vet she uses for her rescues there in Los Angeles (Veterinary Care Center) - If the bowls succeed, they are picking 3 rescues to donate a % of sales too and Hope For Paws is one of them.  Nice to know!



Go ahead! Check them out!
Thank you

I'm definitely getting one.  Might even use it as a candy dish.  I love dogs.  I love candy.  Perfect match.
I did take a pottery and ceramics class years ago in my early 20's.  Never could get the hang of it.  One even blew up in the kiln because it didn't have a large enough cavity.  BOOM!  Everyone got their works of art and I got a bag of clay dust.  Perhaps I was awaiting Patrick to magically appear to help me with my sad projects.  Bummer pottery class would have become Party Pottery Class.   Just saying.   



I don't have a picture of one I made but it was pretty darn close to this one. Was going for the Stonehenge look.  Nailed it!


So please check out these cool bowls and pre-order one.  Thinking they'll sell like hot cakes.   ORDER HERE



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Adorable! Wish they had tails. =D


Those bowls are too cute

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