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The Ghosts of HamsterVille - The Pet Cemetery In My Parent's Backyard


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This photo brings me right back to when I was a kid.  As far back as I can remember, I adored little creatures and welcomed them into my heart.  So many....hamsters, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes and even rats.  The smell of cedar reminds me of the countless bags of wood shavings we went through to fill the various cages over the years.  Carrots still remind me of when I'd cut them up into little sticks and "serve" them to my furry pals.  I loved taking care of these little lives even as short as many of them were.

With life comes death and that meant I had to say goodbye to many of my little furry (and scaley) friends thoughout my childhood. They all got a little send-off into the next level of creature existance. A little box, some paper towel, a note saying goodbye and what they meant to me and a popsicle stick to mark their grave.  My parents backyard became a full-house pet cemetery, where the Lily of the Valley bloomed and came back every year, covering spots that were dug up for mini resting places. 


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The folks from Rest in Pets reached out to me awhile back about their Kickstarter project.  I have to admit I get requests to support and promote projects pretty well on a daily basis but this one really touched me. Jane and Mat Bogust live in New Zealand and are very talented designers.  They have taken their incredible talent for design and their passion to help children honor their little lost pets, to create a very special product. 


Rest In Pets - Kickstarter Campaign from Rest In Pets on Vimeo.


Saying goodbye from Rest In Pets on Vimeo.


This is from their website and really explains the true meaning behind their business. 


Celebrating your pet's life

Rest In Pets want you to create a meaningful moment for these treasured companions who bring joy to our lives. These biodegradable cardboard caskets are designed to bury your friend with dignity and style. To unite friends and family together, to build an experience in celebrating your pet's life—encapsulating the love and affection in a final farewell.


Whole product range


They have small, medium, large and an Urn package available.  To receive funding for their Kickstarter project, they need to raise the set goal by June 23rd.  You can support their efforts by pre-purchasing a Rest in Pets package that are designed for animals ranging in size from gerbils to rabbits and average sized cats.  It does for most people mean buying a product that might not be used for awhile but how nice it would be to be prepared for when Pookie or Snuffles or Bubbles pass away.  (Bubbles was the name of a garter snake I had.  He's amongst the many under the Lilly of the Valley).

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Guinea pigs

Rest In Pets - A final farewell from Rest In Pets on Vimeo.


You can follow Rest in Pets on Twitter and on Facebook.   Please consider supporting them and help your child say goodbye to their beloved pet in a very sweet and touching way. 


Good luck Jane and Mat on your project!