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The Birdie Diner is Open for Business! Homemade Bird Feeder Ideas


  Birdie diner menu

Every Spring I have a summer ritual of opening up the "Birdie Diner".  I clean up the bird feeder from the winter, getting rid of the dust, dirt and grime.  It's not open in the wintertime, but the "Suet Store" is.  So the birds are happy at our house year around. 




The Diner is located at Willow Manor, our front yard tree that is home to two blackbird couples.  Last year, due to tree-rot, we unfortunately lost 4 "apartments" after the tree trimmers were here.  But we made sure it was past nesting season and no one was displaced.  We're good birdie landlords. 

Oscar has two jobs at the diner.  Head of Security and Maitre De.  He takes pride in his work, although he's often found sunning himself on the job or barking at people passing by which scares away our patrons.  The tips aren't bad....fallen birdseed on the ground.  The hours are okay...never at night. And the ladies dig his tie.  It's all about the ladies with Oscar. 



If you're wanting to open up your own Birdie Diner, there are a lot of fun and simple homemade bird feeders that you can make. I found a few sites that offer instructions on how to make them:


  • National Audubon Society - I especially like the Cranberry/Popcorn one.
  • has 10 ideas that make for a fun craft day with the kids or with the gals. 
  • - Their pinecone feeder idea is great for little ones. 
  • This Old House has an excellent video on a one hour project to build a birdie diner.  (You got to love his accent!)


PicMonkey Collage Birdfeeders
Photo Credit: 


If you're handy and not afraid of using tools and cutting wood, this DIY Bird Feeder Video is easy to follow.  You can even hear the birds in the background cheering him on.  (Or calling out when the Grand Opening is and do they take reservations) 




So far the menu listed at the top has kept the diner busy.  We may change it mid-season to keep it fresh and attract different types of birds.  We stay away from the Riff-Raff Mix.  Makes Oscar's job of Head of Security a whole lot harder.


Have you ever made a homemade bird feeder or are you planning on making one this summer?


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Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Oscar is a Bichon Frise (although he doesn't speak French) He is my fur kid and office assistant. :)

Sorry to hear about Riley. He certainly had a long life, probably because of all the love he was given.


Is Oscar a Bichon by chance? I love his tie! He reminded my of my dog Riley whom I lost this winter at 17.5 Great ideas on the feeders too, thanks!


We are not allowed to have bird feeders in our apartment complex because they say that the food that ends up on the ground attracts pigeons and other small wild animals. It's unfortunate because our property abuts a bird sanctuary (marshland).


This is great! You're probably getting mostly conical billed birds like finches and sparrows right now. You should try to attract more insect-eating birds, like warblers and sparrows. Do you have a little fountain for bathing? You can add suet balls to the feeder which these other varieties of birds love, and your neighbors with gardens will be happy to have the bug-eaters around, too. :)

Eartha Kitsch

I love the bird feeder ideas but let me tell you - Oscar was the "Aww!" and giggle that I needed after a long day. He's adorable.

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