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Guest contributor - Shannon Supanich

Pioneer Pet is proud that people in the industry call them the innovators.  They have worked very hard to earn that nickname.  When they enter a product category, their intent is always to fundamentally rethink it.  They don't just look at what exists and tinker it a bit.  They start from the basics, and think from the perspective of a pet as well as a pet owner.  They strive to create a product that most importantly betters the life and wellbeing of our pets.  As a bonus they make it look good.



Pioneer Pet pays attention to the way people and their pets live today.  They study animal behavior and animals needs closely.  They seem to always go back to the main questions:  What do pet and pet owners need this product to do?  What is the simplest, most elegant design solution?  Their products give us the answers. 


PicMonkey Collage toys

Betsy Lipscomb, the founder and president of Pioneer Pet started the company over 20 years ago in her Wisconsin kitchen.  She gathered old wooden fence posts from the farm and gave them to cat owners to use as scratching posts.  Betsy is still closely involved in Pioneer Pet and handles a nonprofit organization called Cats International.  The goal of Cats International is to help cat owners better understand their pet's nature and behavior.  Since 1990 Betsy has been providing behavior counseling service to cat owners.  What was first a local effort has spread throughout the U.S. and beyond. Numerous humane societies and veterinary clinics refer clients to the site.



  PicMonkey Collage bed


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Please visit for more information on the company and their many wonderful products.  You can also follow them on FACEBOOK.



Oscar's pioneer bed


Oscar LOVES his boxed bed from Pioneer Pet. (He wasn't cooperating obviously during this photo shoot. More obsessed with barking at his nemesis, Oliver, the cat next door)  The bed is so cozy and soft and totally matches the decor in our livingroom. Plus it's machine washable.  Bonus!!  Especially after his chasing Oliver episodes around the muddy backyard. 


Pioneer Pet Products is one of my Sponsors for SUPERZOO 2013.   I am very proud to be informing my readers of their many products.  Plus they're really nice peeps!


Disclosure: (as required by the FTC):  This is a sponsored post by Pioneer Pet.