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Light up Your Pooch with Head-Lites - Be Seen, Be Safe, Be Hip


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Imagine this.  You're out for "walkies" with your dog in the early morning or late evening darkness.  Might be at a dog park, dimly lit neighborhood or out in the countryside.   How cool would it be to have your dog "illuminated", allowing you and others to see them.  Keeping them safe.  There is a very cool product on the market that I fell in love with.  Head-Lites.   

I live in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada and the summers here are hot.  Unless you get out early in the morning to walk your dog, you really need to wait until the evening to get to the dog park.  Only then is it cool enough to exercise your furry family member.  And in the winter, the days are so darn short, meaning morning and evening walks are often done in the dark.   When Oscar has his head-lites collar on, I can easily see him and so can others who may be walking or driving by.  Plus he looks so darn hip in pink.  Shows the laaaaaadies his feminine side.  Says the gals love that. 

  PicMonkey Collage


The nice folks at Head-Lites send me some information on their company that I want to share with you.  (my comments are in italics)

Who is Head-Lites?

Head-Lites Pet Products Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturing business located in Winona, Ontario committed to bringing you high quality Canadian made pet products. Our story began with a Siberian husky puppy named Piper who frequented the local dog park. As the Canadian winter approached, the days grew shorter and we wanted a solution to keep Piper visible at night. We tried a lighted collar, but it wasn’t very bright and failed after a few wrestling matches. We also tried a dangling light, but it was useless when Piper was not facing us. It too stopped working after a few weeks. At that point we decided to make our own solution and when our prototype unit kept working month after month, we knew we had a solution that fit our needs. Many of Piper’s park friends began asking for one of our collars as well and thus Head-Lites was born.  (I have had the dangling light kind - not effective in trying to see your dog all the time) 



What is Head-Lites?

Head-Lites LED dog collars and leashes are premium canine safety devices that are 100% Made In Canada. All of our raw materials are sourced as locally as possible and each product is hand crafted right in Ontario. Head-Lites have the most LEDs incorporated into a leash (NEW!) or collar, making them the brightest canine products on the market today. These premium collars and leashes are available in a wide variety of colour choices for multiple dog families. The collars come in five streamlined sizes with 2” of adjustability to maximize the amount of light on medium to extra-large sized breeds.


Where are Head-Lites?

Head-Lites products are currently available in a number of select retailers in British Columbia and Ontario. Global partnerships are continuing to expand and include distributorships in Australia and Japan. Our online store ships world-wide.  (I'd love to see Head-Lites being used all over the world)

How are Head-Lites being used?

Beyond the dog parks at dusk, dimly lit urban city sidewalks, and dark cottage country brush, Head-Lites collars are also being used in multiple working applications that benefit from visibility and safety for both canine companion and human partner. These groups include search and rescue dogs, canine vision dogs, long distance mushing teams, guarding and hunting dogs.

Head-Lites in the Community

As members of the pet product community, it is our responsibility to contribute and give back to those we serve. In addition to donating our products to local rescue organizations and working dog groups, Head-Lites Pet Products Inc. is pleased to supply and support the Search and Rescue Dogs of Ontario (www.sardogsontario.com). We worked very closely with the team to develop a working collar to fit their needs as their searches are conducted in low light conditions. For every collar purchased, we also donate $1 to this highly trained group of volunteers and their K-9 partners. This group relies on personal funds and donations to be ready all hours of the day, 365 days of the year to locating missing persons.  (It says a lot about companies that give back to the community.  Thank you!)


Headlites_collage(Just a few of their happy and bright customers)


You can follow them on Facebook  Twitter and YouTube


Tonight will be a perfect night to take my Oscar for a walk and yes - he'll be wearing his Head-Lites collar.  It's pink...it's bright...it's hip.  He looks cool and I can SEE him looking cool.  Win-Win.


Disclosure (as required by the FTC):  This is a Sponsored Post by Head-Lites Pet Products Inc.