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The Petties are on again, the Annual Awards Show that recognizes the best of the pet blogging community.  Put on by DogTime, The Petties not only recognizes excellence in pet blogging, they also give back to the pet-loving community.  Through this program, DogTime has donated over $50,000 to shelters and rescues across America. In addition to bloggers, The Petties honor nonprofit organizations and volunteers who have dedicated their lives to helping homeless animals. 


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The wonderful peeps at The Bill Foundation have graciously nominated myself for Best Blog Post (BlogPaws Memories 2013, Who's The Hobo Blogger?) and Pets Weekly for Best Video Post, The Rescue Rap.   I have the video on my upper left sidebar and I can't say enough just how fantastic it is.  Stacy Mantle is the creator and she's packed some pretty catchy and meaningful lyrics into 2 minutes and 49 seconds.    


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 BlogPaws Memories 2013 - Who's The Hobo Blogger?



How can you help me to help The Bill Foundation win $10,000?

I need your support by nominating our two blogs from now until June 28th.  (Can be done once each day) Only the top Nominees will be chosen as finalists, with voting open July 5, 2013 and closing July 31.  The more votes.. the greater chance to be a finalist.   And yes - I'll be asking for your support come voting time. 

Here is how to help make this happen:

  1. Visit http://petties.dogtime.com/
  2. Click Nominate NOW
  3. Click LOGIN either through Facebook or by email
  4. Scroll down to “BEST BLOG POST” and enter this URL for “Nominee URL”: http://www.petbloglady.com/2013/05/blogpaws-memories-2013-whos-the-hobo-blogger.html Below in “Shelter Nomination for $10K Petties Grant” copy and past “BILL FOUNDATION”
  5. Scroll over to “BEST VIDEO POST” and enter this URL for “Nominee URL: http://www.petsweekly.com/en/all-about-dogs/61-dog-stories/834-the-rescue-rap Below in “Shelter Nomination for $10K Petties Grant” copy and past BILL FOUNDATION

DogTime also offers a second grant for “UNSUNG HEROS”, recognizing the thousands of volunteers doing incredible work on behalf of homeless animals.   Nominations for the Unsung Hero will be open July 5, 2013 and close July 31, 2013.  I'll be asking my readers and followers to name Hope For Paws for the award, another rescue organization that works closely with The Bill Foundation


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One of the most touching rescue videos I have ever seen comes from The Bill Foundation. Tessa was abandoned at a shelter who just didn’t have the proper time or resources to care for her many needs.   The Bill Foundation stepped up and rescued her shortly before she was to be euthanized. What they found was a very scared, lonely and confused little dog.  The video is very moving.  Her spirit was truly brought back to life, thanks to Annie Hart, who devoted months of her heart and time. Tessa emerged bright, playful and loving.  (You may want to grab a kleenex right about now) 


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Thank you for taking the time to vote for me and for Pets Weekly.  Together we can all make a difference and save many, many more lives.  Dog by Dog, a wonderful motto from The Bill Foundation

Remember to Vote Daily if you can!