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I received an email today from Dale Corley of ARK Angels Foundation, informing me of their recent rescue.  I receive so many emails asking if I could post information for my readers, from fundraising projects to product launches.   There are times I feel overwhelmed and really wish I could give everyone exposure.  I want people to be happy in this world.  It's just how I am. 

So when I received Dale's email and watched the video, I just had to share.  This information is from their website as it explains the situation so well.  


Our Latest Rescue

The ARK Angels Foundation recently received an urgent plea to help rescue over 20 dogs from an animal hoarder in Tennessee.  We anticipated a typical animal rescue, but what we found was a kind, disabled man who had recently been hospitalized and overextended himself with his compassion for animals. This man was in need of rescue too.

We are reaching out to tell his story and raise money for this man.  His needs are basic, but we want to help him get his head back above water.




Purpose of Fundraiser

  • Pay utility bills to have them turned back on or paid off so he can charge his electric wheelchair
  • Replace the rechargeable battery for his wheelchair that no longer holds a normal charge
  • Pay off his medical bills
  • Have his trailer sterilized and cleaned
  • Have repairs done to his trailer, replacing floors, fixing walls, adding air conditioning window unit, made more wheelchair friendly
  • Provide him a safety net in case he has future setbacks
  • Help with his veterinarian expenses for immunization and spaying administered for his two remaining dogs. 


Let's overwhelm this man with love, prayers and blessings giving him a fresh hope in the true spirit of humanity.


What a wonderful fundraising project indeed.  I really hope they are able to do these many life-changing things for the man.   His dogs were his life and now he has a chance to carry on with two of them, living in a healthy and safe environment.  And with dignity.

You can help make this happen.   You can donate through their website, as a one time gift or recurring donation.  

You can also follow them on Facebook.


Thank you Dale for reaching out.  I feel good I was able to share this most touching and moving story.